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Paquet Fontaine

Paquet Fontaine, manufacturer of high-quality structured facades.

Key figures

50 employees,

600,000 m² of exterior joinery on the facades of commercial, industrial and administrative buildings

Since 1975

Paquet Fontaine, manufacturer of high-quality structured facades

Since 1930, Paquet Fontaine has been using steel, aluminium and glass to create structured facades suitable for contemporary buildings.

In 1975, the company joined GA. Since then, it has designed, manufactured and installed around 600,000 m² of external carpentry on the facades of tertiary, industrial and administrative buildings, built by private and public clients.

A cutting-edge research department

The Paquet Fontaine research department liaises directly with the R&D department of GA to create innovative systems. The aim is to provide relevant solutions to architectural and environmental data implemented on new projects, for renovation and rehabilitation.

Paquet Fontaine structured facades are designed and produced in a FullBIM 3D digital mock-up, and are delivered together with the digital model. This enables optimised management of the performance of the building for its entire life cycle.

DB 3.0, a Paquet Fontaine flagship product

DB 3.0 is a breathable double frame with glued exterior glazing under technical advice.
It includes a motorised venetian blind, which can be controlled manually, by remote control or by connection to a centralised technical management system (CTM). As part of a façade renovation, or where there is no electrical connection available for the blind Paquet Fontaine provides an integrated photovoltaic module (solar panel) which allows the venetian blind to operate autonomously.

Skills split across two sites in France

Depending on the nature of their job, the 50 Paquet Fontaine employees are split between the headquarters in Ivry-sur-Seine, in Val-de-Marne, and the L’Aigle factory in Orne.

In L’Aigle, a region in Normandy, the Paquet Fontaine factory is spread across 4,500 m², divided into 4 manufacturing areas: a main workshop for aluminium work, a steel workshop, a glazing workshop, which includes a glued exterior glazing bonding line and a sheet metal unit.

In Ivry-sur-Seine the headquarters has 600 m² of offices, which include the administrative, commercial, operation/work departments, research office and 1000 m² of workshop and warehouse dedicated to construction work and after-sales service.

One single point of contact for personalised support

Paquet Fontaine provides its customers with comprehensive support at all times, and ensures the maintenance of its structures, throughout their life cycle.

A range of products tailored to every need

Building envelope : manufacturer of the curtain wall facade, DB 3.0 breathable frame, interior windows, Glued exterior glazing – Stapled exterior glazing, Doors, Aluminium and composite cladding

Functional structures: Metalwork, guard railings, screen walls, awnings, sun screens

Project undertaken, in association with GA

Projects undertaken, in association clients other than GA

  • L’Oréal, in Saint-Ouen, L’Oréal market: Glued exterior glazed curtain wall, Glued exterior glazed cladding, Aluminium facade cladding
  • MAIF, Paris Bd. du Montparnasse, MAIF market:
    Paquet Fontaine double bay window, stainless steel curtain wall, stainless steel and glass sun screening
  • Caisse des Notaires, Rue de Londres, Paris, DUMEZ market: Breathable frame, steel curtain wall
  • SOPIC, Montreuil, GCC market: Carpentry blocks, Glued exterior glazed curtain wall, aluminium cladding
  • Mairie d’Antony, Espace culturel Vasarely, GCC market: Curtain wall, steel, curved glazing, facade cladding and awning
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Philippe Perrin


Philippe Perrin

Managing Director, Paquet Fontaine