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Privacy and cookies policy

Practices regarding the respect of personal data

Last Uptade Date: August 1st, 2019


When you use the website (hereinafter, the “Site”), GA may collect and process your personal data. This Privacy Policy is intended to inform you about the use of your personal data in this context, the purposes of this use and how to exercise the rights that are guaranteed in this regard.

In this policy, the terms “we” or “GA” mean the company GA registered in the Trade and Companies Register (RCS) of Toulouse under the number 483 690 228, whose registered office is 8, Chemin de la Terrasse, 31 500 Toulouse France, responsible for data processing carried out via the Site. In this capacity, we undertake to respect the privacy of all users of the Site and to implement strong measures to protect their personal data that we collect.

Collection of Personal Data

Personal data” means any information capable of identifying a natural person. This identification can be done directly (for example, your name and surname), or indirectly (by combining several elements concerning an individual who, alone, do not identify it).

When you visit the Site, GA may collect the following types of personal data:

  • By browsing the Website, via electronic plotters (see section 8 below on cookies):
    •  The electronic identifier of your device (eg the IP address of your computer),
    • The date and time time of your visit,
    • The consulted pages,
    • Technical information of response time of the Site,
    • If you consult the partner space, the date and time of the login (through cookies), the identifier ( e-mail address), the password, the pages consulted and the token (the identifier by modified URL).
  • Through the various forms of contact of the Site:
    • Via the “Contact us” section: the various information that you share with us, including your name and contact information, and the content of your messages,
    • Via the “Careers” area », The various personal and professional information that you share with us,
    • Via the” Subscribe to our newsletter “section, your e-mail address.

We undertake to respect the principle of minimization, by collecting only the personal data we need for the purpose in question.

Purposes of the processing of personal data

We process the data collected via the Site in particular for the following purposes:

  • Operation of the Site: When we collect information about your session using tracers (see section 8 below), we process the information in question:
    • To facilitate and improve the functioning of the Site,
    • To facilitate the navigation of the site. on the GA site,
    • To benefit Internet users and users of services or services offered on the GA website;
    • To enable the treatment or prevention of technical incidents.
  • Monitoring the performance of the site: The information collected by tracers can also be used to analyze the performance of the Site, in particular:
    • To measure the audience,
    • To improve the interactivity of the Site.
  • Contact forms of the site: When you contact us via the various forms of contact, we process your personal data including:
    • To review and process requests for contact,
    • To review and process applications for offers job,
    • To contact Site users who so request,
    • To send the GA newsletter to those who sign up using the form.

Legal basis of the processing of personal data

The legal bases for the processing of personal data that we collect via the Site vary depending on the nature of the processing and are listed below:

  • Operation of the Site: When we use cookies (tracers) which are strictly necessary for the operation of the Site, to collect information about your session, the legal basis is our legitimate interest in ensuring the functioning of the Site.
  • Monitoring the performance of the Site: When we use cookies (plotters) of “Google Analytics” to perform analyzes on the performance of our site by studying information on your Internet browsing, the legal basis is your consent, given via the banner that appears when you log on to the site for the first time. For more information on the functioning of these cookies, you can consult Article 7 below.
  • Cookies social networks: Some cookies can be placed on your browser allowing social networks to track your navigation on our website and optimize their services. The legal basis of this treatment is your consent, given via the banner that appears when you log on to the site for the first time. For more information on the functioning of these cookies, you can consult Article 7 below.
  • Treatment of the data collected via the contact forms of the Site:
    • “Contact us” section: the legal basis for the processing of personal data that you communicate to us is your consent.
    • “Careers” area: the legal basis for the processing of personal data that you communicate to us is your consent.
    • “Subscribe to our newsletter”: The legal basis for the treatment of your e-mail address to send you our newsletter is your consent.

Addressees of personal data

In the strict context of the treatments described in the preceding paragraphs, the recipients of the personal data collected on the GA website are:

  • Members of our staff: The authorized GA staff members involved in the implementation of the Site and the services offered there.
  • Technical service providers: Technical service providers, acting as subcontractors, are likely to process your personal data on our behalf, notably in terms of computer maintenance, hosting and management of the Site and the measurement of your data. hearing.
  • Other GA Group Companies: When you contact us via the Site Contact Forms, we will, where applicable, provide your contact information and the nature of your request to the services and / or directorates of the appropriate GA Group company. to process your request.

Exceptionally, it may be necessary to communicate your personal data to other third parties, including:

  • Public authorities: If we are obliged to disclose or share your personal data to comply with a legal obligation, we may eventually transmit your personal data to the public authorities;
  • GA’s professional advice: In certain circumstances, we may transmit the personal data we process to our professional, legal and financial advice, such as our lawyers, accountants and auditors;
  • Buyers or third-party investors: In the event of the Company’s repurchase, collective proceedings or sale of the Company’s assets and rights, the personal data we process may be transmitted to the Company. potential acquirer or investor and its professional advisors, particularly in the context of GA’s prior audit procedures in order to evaluate its valuation.

Duration of retention of personal data

The collected personal data are kept for the time necessary to achieve the different purposes described above, taking into account in particular the nature of the processing in question, the categories of data processed, the applicable statutory limitation periods, the provisions contractual standards, industry standards and the recommendations of the National Commission for Informatics and Freedoms (CNIL). After these deadlines, your personal data will be deleted or anonymised.

In particular, we apply the following retention periods for the purposes described below:

  • Using tracers to collect information about your device: A maximum of 13 months after the cookie / plotter is deposited.
  • Retention of your email address for the purpose of sending the newsletter: Three years after the collection of your consent or your last contact with us.


What is a cookie ?

A cookie is an electronic plotter that allows a tracking of the device of the user of a website. When you connect to a website, the cookie is “deposited” on your browser.
This allows the identification of the device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) when you visit the same site afterwards.
The use of cookies, and other similar tracers such as “pixels”, can facilitate multiple services on a site.

In particular, it can allow:

  • Adapt a site that you visit regularly to your preferences and habits;
  • To carry out statistical studies on the traffic of a site and the browsing habits of its users;
  • To propose to the Internet user advertisements adapted to his interests, on the basis of an analysis of his browsing history;
  • For social networks, to follow the Internet browsing of their subscribers and thus optimize their services.

The use of tracers typically involves the collection of certain personal data about the user, including the electronic identifier of his device, such as the IP address of his computer, and information on his habits and navigation preferences.

For this reason, the consent of the user is required before depositing tracers on his device, except those strictly necessary to allow the operation of a site.

Use of cookies on our Site

We draw your attention to the fact that the Site uses the tracers detailed below:

1. Cookies strictly necessary to the Site to work

These cookies allow the site to work optimally. These are strictly necessary to allow your navigation, their use does not require your prior consent.
You can however oppose their use and delete them using the settings of your browser. However your user experience may be degraded after disabling these cookies.

Cookie-agreed : Allows you to remember whether you have given your consent to the use of cookies or not. Shelf life: 1 year

has_js : Determines whether the browser accepts javascript or not. Shelf life: Until the end of the browser session

2. Cookies for performance analysis (Google Analytics)

The Site uses Google Analytics, a website analysis service provided by Google LLC. (“Google”). Google Analytics uses cookies to process traffic statistics and information, facilitate navigation and improve service for the convenience of the user.

For more information about how Google processes your personal data in the context of tools such as Google Analytics, you can view its privacy rules using the following link:

Your consent to the use of Google Analytics cookies is requested when you access the site for the first time.

_ga: Used to differentiate users. Retention time: 2 years

_gid: Used to differentiate users. Retention time: 1 day

_gat: Used to speed up the request rate. Retention time: 1 minute

3. Social media cookies

In addition, the Site includes social media buttons, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram, which enable users to share their activity on the Site. “Cookies” files from these social media may thus be stored on your computer when it uses these functionalities.

For more information, view the General Terms and Conditions of the social media likely to use cookies, as identified below:

Twitter: _twitter_sess: Used for secure connections. Retention time: Browsing session

LinkedIn: lidc bcookie lang:
Used for redirection. Retention time: 1 day
Browser ID cookie. Retention time: 2 years
Functionality. Retention time: Browsing session

Browser ID cookie. Retention time: 4 months
Browser ID cookie. Shelf life: 9 months

Instagram: date: Used for secure connections. Retention time: 2 years

Configuring your browser

Depending on the browser you use, you may be required to object to the use of cookies by the Site by selecting the appropriate settings in the related page of your browser.

For example:

  • For Google Chrome users: Go to the “Tools” menu; Click on “Settings”; Click on “Show advanced settings”, then on “Content settings”, select “Allow storage of local data”. To complete, click on “Block all cookies”.

Or use this link:

You can potentially install additional modules and plugins on your browser to receive more information about the presence of cookies and possibly block them.

For more information, please refer to the website of the French Data Protection Authority (Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés / CNIL):

Data transfer outside the European Union

Google LLC and its subsidiaries, acting on behalf of GA, may process personal data collected in the context of its Analytics solution in the United States. Transfers of this data are governed by the Privacy Shield regime, in which Google LLC participates (see

The other processing operations are carried out in Europe.

Your rights under the French Data Protection Act

You are entitled to exercise, by making the related request to GA, the right to access, correct, erase your personal data, as well as enjoy data portability or restrict or object to the scope of processing carried out by GA on the said data.

You may also withdraw your consent to the processing of your data, on which all GA processing operations rest. In this case, the lawfulness of processing carried out before your withdrawal of consent will not be called into question.

You have the right to provide general or specific instructions regarding the storage, erasure and transfer of your personal data after your death.

You may exercise your rights by writing an e-mail request to or by post to the address below, specifying the nature of your request.

GA Group
Communications Department
69, boulevard Malesherbes
75008 PARIS

Furthermore, you have the right to lodge a complaint with a national supervisory authority such as the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL) in France, whose website can be viewed at the following address: