Agua Ga Smartbuilding

GA, atypical property player

GA is an atypical property player, constructing intelligent and sustainable buildings and offering smart, designer and connected solutions.

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For the past 140 years, more than being the very first, we have wanted to be pioneers, to invent and innovate.

We have learnt a great deal in 140 years.

GA Group offers a comprehensive and integrated offering, from real estate development to design and construction, and on to sustainable building management for the tertiary and residential markets.

But not only that.

It is above all a pioneer and the benchmark for off-site construction in France, an innovative industrialisation model that shortens the duration of construction work, minimises problems and maximises the quality of work.

Because we are responsible for the city of tomorrow and for everyone’s quality of life.

We wish to have a positive impact on the city we are building and on the environment.

We believe that as a player in the property and building sector, we can no longer be content with just doing what is asked of us. We should impose more demanding rules on ourselves than those set out in the regulations. Design positively, construct positively, engage positively, for a positive community.

We design and build intelligent buildings, with architecture planned for the well-being and life of all users.

Every day we work to reduce our environmental and ecological impact.

We build for life.

GA is an atypical property player

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The GA team

800 employees, one ambition: building for life

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The men and women in GA are more than employees.

They are stakeholders. We share this dream of a smart city with all our employees, who are the majority shareholders of Groupe GA with a 60% holding.

Their participation in the Group’s capital makes us stronger, it contributes to making GA a positive company. It translates into greater synergy of energies and develops in everyone a special sense of commitment and loyalty to the company.

To reduce emissions caused by the construction of buildings, we have decided to build in a different way.

In 2018, we joined Ossabois, a company specialising in modular wooden construction, to create new construction solutions combining wood, concrete and metal. Parallel to this, we are developing low-carbon concrete to reduce our footprint.

We design spaces by thinking about all users.

Ensuring the well-being of each user involves guaranteeing physical accessibility to all, particularly those with disabilities.

The Cité Universelle in Paris, a project by GA Smart Building, was designed as an emblem of accessibility for all. We wanted it to be fully accessible for those with all types of disabilities, and not just partially accessible as stipulated by law. It is now a benchmark in this field.

We do more than just respect the nature; we are inspired by it every day.

In a world that is becoming more and more urban, we favour the concept of biophilia. In our buildings, we recreate a link between humans and nature. We reconnect humans with themselves and with their primal emotions. Our architects and designers let the light in, introduce plants and stimulate all five senses for a better quality of life and more sustainable human activity.

Our customer relations are also long-lasting

By constructing sustainable buildings adapted to suit the needs of users and meet our customer’s expectations, we have learned how to gain their loyalty. Some customers have been loyal to us for over 30 years.

We never forget that people pass through and work in our buildings. And live.