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Equilab designs, produces, and installs technical comfort solutions

A GA Smart Building company, Equilab, has been designing, manufacturing, and deploying thermal and lighting comfort equipment and energy performance management software for buildings for over 30 years.

Key Figures
  • 50,000 “Leaf” Air Treatment Modules installed in buildings constructed by GA Smart Building
  • 100,000 motorised blinds installed
  • 300 preventive maintenance and support contracts for technical management on a daily basis
  • 250 Building Technical Management (GTB) supervision software packages installed, updated, and monitored

Equilab, expert in comfort equipment

For more than 30 years, Equilab has been designing capital equipment to improve the thermal and lighting comfort of the commercial buildings built by GA Smart Building and provides maintenance with a proactive recycling policy.

Equilab has particularly developed its expertise in “Leaf” Air Treatment Modules, with more than ten generations of these essential materials for indoor air quality.

In addition to “Leaf” Air Treatment Modules, Equilab works with the same expertise on the following products:

  • Management of new lighting systems
  • Motorised blinds
  • Access control and security
  • Technical Building Management (Gestion Technique des Bâtiments, GTB) software solutions, especially using Galaxy Pilot, driving and consumption monitoring software with artificial intelligence designed by GA Smart Building, which allows for the real-time optimisation of the comfort and environmental and energy performance of each building.

With 50 employees, Equilab brings together a wide range of professionals, from technicians to engineers, using administrative software and BIM Manager to manage digital models in buildings. Equilab also has a fluid research department that performs thermal and air-handling diagnostics: it then provides suggestions in terms of installation and support.

Equilab installs and maintains its equipment throughout France

Equilab manufactures most of its products in France, in the production workshop of the GA plant in Labège, near Toulouse.

Its site supervisors and their colleagues then install them on site, in the new buildings built by GA Smart Building, in strong synergy with the skills of the other entities of the Group, in particular GA Services. Equilab operates throughout France.

Equilab also ensures the maintenance of installed equipment throughout the entirety their life cycles. Equilab upgrades its equipment, with replacements of all or part of the products based on client requests, needs, and technological advances.

With an expert cross-disciplinary support service in heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and smoke extraction, Equilab is responsible for the quality of all GA installations.

On a daily basis, the teams also perform maintenance and improvement of the Group’s Building Technical Management (GTB) supervision software.

Access to site work files and building histories allows Equilab to provide targeted advice and optimal solutions.

Equilab relies on two after-sales service centres that operate in all of France, directly or through selected partners.

Equilab is part of an environmental responsibility approach

Whenever possible, Equilab recycles the “Leaf” Air Treatment Modules that it replaces. All devices less than 15 years old are thus upgraded to repurpose them “in standard exchange” or are systematically deconstructed to recover gas, metals, and electronic cards.

Equilab is committed to replacing equipment with new equipment that meets new standards, with all the latest technological advances: renovations are always planned at the right cost and in such a way as not to destroy or rebuild existing structures.

In the case of standard exchanges of equipment, Equilab may, for clients who so wish, offer previously used and reconditioned devices.

Equilab supports owners in the implementation of the tertiary decree

The equipment and systems produced by Equilab, designed to ensure the sustainability of buildings, meet the new obligations set forth by the tertiary decree.

They effectively help to control energy consumption on a day-to-day basis. The Galaxy Pilot energy monitoring portal, which offers owners and tenants permanent monitoring of all equipment installed by Equilab, also allows for accurate measurement of actual consumption and the validation of energy performance commitments.