Galaxy Pilot, to make data smart

Galaxy Pilot, to make data smart

Data serving our buildings’ users

The real estate sector is changing. The GA Group is participating in its digital transformation.

Using data, our buildings become alive, and able to evolve to stay at the cutting edge of the latest technologies.

More open and more digital, all the places that we imagine, whatever their purpose, medical facilities, offices, storage units or hotels, offer a multitude of services to occupants.

Galaxy Pilot, for managing the comfort and performance of buildings

Galaxy Pilot, the centralised technical management system with artificial intelligence designed by GA Smart Building enables the comfort and environmental and energy performance of each building to be monitored and managed.

A completely personalised form of comfort

Thanks to this software, all connected equipment ensures the building’s thermal and visual comfort. The reversible air treatment unit guarantees both the heating and cooling functions, with optimal air quality. The standing lamps, equipped with an electronic dimmer switch and a detector, analyse and adapt to the natural light available and to the presence of the user in their office.

Galaxy Pilot contains an artificial intelligence unit to process the tens of thousands of pieces of information gathered every second by the equipment, which is paired with sensors. This artificial intelligence unit was developed by GA in partnership with the Vesta-Systems start-up company and the INP (Institut national Polytechnique de Grenoble; Grenoble Institute of Technology). It predicts the building’s temperature setting for the following day according to meteorological forecasts, as well as the presence and habits of its users. According to production forecasts and consumption needs, it requires photovoltaic panels or geothermal sources of production. It also adjusts the settings for each individual piece of equipment accordingly.

With this artificial intelligence unit, the Galaxy Pilot software uses smart optimisation for the operation of GA equipment to reduce energy consumption and optimise user comfort.

This solution allows GA Smart Building to commit to a precise level of energy consumption in its performance contract with clients.