Comfort solutions designed for users

Comfort solutions designed for users

Smart Key, Smart Lighting and Smart Meeting Box, for a simpler, more beautiful life

Since people live and work in the buildings we conceive, we make sure that design is at the heart of our approach. Thanks to our Studio Design, for each project, we develop a vision centred around the user, called “User Centric”, which favours the users’ experience (“UX”).

Through our highly integrated model, from real estate promotion, via industrial manufacturing, on-site construction and operational management, we are able to offer an extensive range of solutions.

Every day, the Studio Design redefines existing solutions and prepares for future uses.

Smart Key, a concentration of technologies in a single object

A truly connected object, Smart Key enables access to buildings, payments and comfort control through the adjustment of blinds and lights.

The information on the key enables a building’s usage to be anonymously analysed and contributes to the improvement of work spaces, by adapting their configuration according to usage densities, for example.

Smart Lighting, the smart lighting system

Discreet, delicate and with smart features, Smart Lighting is a connected object that is built into the ceiling, which makes it possible to control the surrounding lights.

Depending on the presence or absence of users, Smart Lighting turns the lights on or off in an office or a meeting room and adjusts the light intensity.

Smart Lighting is also equipped with CO2 sensor in order to monitor the air quality in the spaces. A major challenge, particularly in meeting rooms.

Smart Meeting Box, an adjustable work space

Connected – the Smart Meeting Box enables users to work together around a table, isolate themselves to make a phone call or relax in an armchair.

More than just a partitioned meeting room, the Smart Meeting Box offers a wide variety of uses.

With a turnkey installation, it adapts to spaces depending on the users’ needs for meeting rooms and ensures a high level of sound and heating comfort.