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GA Services, custom management of your buildings throughout their entire life cycle

GA Services supports you through customised and long-term management of your property assets, thanks to its local network and high-performance tools.

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115 assignments

€6 million in budget managed

GA Services
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Imagining the real estate of tomorrow

We visualise and anticipate today’s property for tomorrow’s world.

Build differently, sustainably

We are developing new solutions for sustainable construction.

Renovating to give new life to buildings

Renovation means giving existing buildings a new life whilst respecting current energy requirements

Customised management for increased performance of your property assets.

GA Services, GA Smart Building’s property management entity, ensures the comprehensive management of your property, whether it was handled by GA or not.

Within a group known for its construction expertise, GA Services makes use of innovative management tools to increase performance and benefit occupants and owners.

This service centre offers the following five skills:

  • Rental management
  • Technical management
  • Administrative management
  • Management of co-ownership trustees
  • Management of RIE associations

A trust-based relationship with a local manager

The teams at GA Services manage each tertiary building with relationships and a sense of human contact based on service and trust, with the appointment of a single contact person.

Our property asset managers cover the entirety of the Île-de-France region, all the municipalities of the Toulouse Metropolitan Region, and the Grand Est Region. They rely on the support of local partners for the rest of France.

The women and men of GA Services all operate according to the geographical location of each building, in order to be able to offer the best service, as quickly as possible, and with perfect knowledge of the local setting.

Dynamic management of property assets

GA Services aims to increase the property value of buildings by bolstering all aspects of their performance: operation, environment, finances, and usage.

In terms of building operation, GA Services offers up-to-date techniques and services, from the selection and control of service providers to the management of requests for assistance, in strict compliance with expense budgets.

In order to increase the attractiveness of each commercial building, our asset managers are fully proficient in the principles of “hospitality management”. They are thus able to offer facilitation services for common areas in the same building, from the entry halls to the meeting rooms, from the cafeteria to the gym. They can also ensure the management of occupant services with the positioning of a concierge service.

A unique position to meet all the obligations of the commercial decree

Effective since October 1 2019, the tertiary decree has created new regulatory obligations for all owners or tenants of surface areas greater than or equal to 1,000 m2 of tertiary activity for the reduction in energy consumption by at least 40% by 2030, 50% by 2040, and 60% by 2050. Thanks to its membership in the GA Group, GA Services has been responding to the issue of energy performance of buildings since its creation.

In addition, we occupy a privileged position for handling the relationship between tenants and owners, in particular for centralising all the information required for compliance with the tertiary decree.

The tools for the monitoring, analysis, and optimisation of consumption that we have developed and put in place also allow us to validate energy improvement plans with concerned parties.

Design & build: from development work to the renovation of floors and communal areas

GA Services brings added value to its owner clients by supporting them in tasks such as the restoration of surfaces upon the departure of a tenant.

GA Services also assists owners and tenants in renovation and development work by ensuring the design and execution of property projects. In this context, GA Services offers programming, analyses feasibility, conducts technical audits, and provides detailed cost estimates.

With the support of all the entities of GA Group, GA Services has the know-how to coordinate Space Planners and architects, to direct and coordinate worksites for all types of work, from structural work to furnishing and decoration.

Whatever the nature of the desired work, GA Services favours the reuse of materials in order to reduce the carbon footprint of the building complex.

Acquity, unique software for managing a site or a portfolio

Designed specifically for GA Services, the Acquity software is similar to a real maintenance and service steering cockpit in a tertiary building. Accessible through a dedicated portal, it is used every day by our asset managers.

From the launch of a contract, this complete, transparent, and easy-to-use information system contains all the data related to management: it includes the building’s identification form with technical equipment, owner and tenant contacts, existing contracts, contact details of referenced service providers, due dates and termination notices, leases, regulatory controls, and so on – it even has the building’s access codes. The building’s budget is also included, for real-time monitoring of expenditures as well as the multi-year work plan.

Throughout the term of the contract, Acquity makes it possible to track the process of a request for assistance, regardless of the requester – owner, tenant, or manager, from taking on the responsibility to the mobilisation of service providers and the planning of an intervention. On the desktop and tablet-accessible portal, each person involved can track the progress of the processing. The corresponding invoice and the finalisation of the intervention logically supplement the available information.

At any time, this complete digitisation of the management of a site or portfolio of sites simplifies the analysis of building management data, allows the performance of buildings to be compared with one another, and thus reliably guides clients in their investment decision-making. It should be noted that it can be used with the same ease on one or several sites. Acquity also includes energy consumption monitoring.

Odile Batsere
Odile Batsere
Director of Real Estate Management and CSR, Société de la Tour Eiffel

We wanted to thank you for your skill and technical expertise. I must acknowledge that I am a bit jealous of the effectiveness of your approach. Thank you very much and well done.

Marc Kasparian
Marc Kasparian
Director – Head of Asset Management Offices (Retail – France), AEW CILOGER

I would like to thank you for your involvement and your presence alongside us throughout this sensitive period (Editor’s note: the Covid-19 health crisis). The very useful information that you have given us enables us to better plan for post-confinement letting management.

Caroline Loeper


Caroline Loeper

GA Services Director