Modules Sanitaires Ossabois 1

Off-site sanitary modules for office buildings

Next generation plug and play toilet modules

Through our highly integrated model, from real estate promotion, via industrial manufacturing, on-site construction and operational management, we are able to offer an extensive range of solutions.

The Studio Design worked in close collaboration with Ossabois’ teams to design toilet modules for commercial buildings.

Toilet modules for commercial buildings

Completely produced, assembled and approved at the factory, they are of high industrial quality and can be very high-end.

Delivered on-site, ready to be connected and integrated perfectly into the building’s production cycle, as seen in NOW Living Spaces project in Toulouse or Gymnote in Cergy, they save time and energy from the moment they are received. These modules are designed down to the smallest detail, to meet the users’ expectations and offer them comfortable spaces. From the choice of equipment to the lighting ambiance, it leaves nothing to chance.