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Cité Universelle in Paris, 30,000 m² emblematic of universal accessibility

Winner of “Réinventer Paris II”, Cité Universelle in Paris transcends disability

New manufacturing workshops for Emile Henry in Marcigny

In Marcigny, GA Smart Building is creating 6,700 m² of manufacturing workshops and offices meeting the requirements of a complex industrial process and ambitious energy performance

Eklo hotel in Marne-la-Vallée, 108 rooms in modular wood

In Marne-la-Vallée, GA Smart Building and Ossabois built an Eklo hotel that combines comfort, environmental performance and economic efficiency.

NOW Living Spaces in Toulouse, a 15,000 m² smart campus, now under commercialisation

In Toulouse, the NOW Living Spaces campus brings together well-being and productivity

The Cité Universelle, a manifesto

In Vitry-sur-Seine, GA Smart Building creates the Ardoines Logistics Hub for Sogaris

In Vitry-sur-Seine, in France’s Île-de-France region, GA Smart Building creates the Ardoines Logistics Hub for Sogaris.

The future GA Smart Building head office in Toulouse, a post-COVID and post-carbon building

GA Smart Building is developing its new 6,000 m² head office in Toulouse, taking another step towards low-carbon real estate

North of Toulouse, GA Smart Building constructs an 11,000 m² mixed logistics and tertiary complex for Denjean Logistique

GA Smart Building constructs a mixed logistics and tertiary real estate complex in Saint-Jory for Denjean Logistique

Invest in a low-carbon office space within Astérie, a building situated close to Bordeaux’s Saint-Jean train station

This new office building in Bordeaux is distinguished by its proximity to the Saint-Jean train station, its architecture, its availability for sale as an entire building or in lots, its dividing options and its significant environmental commitment.

Renovation of the Gravity office building in the 14th arrondissement of Paris: nature at the gates of Paris

In Paris, the renovation of a building of more than 10,600 m² by the Groupe Pierre and Entreprise.

In Illkirch, GA Smart Building is developing Campus Connect, 7,300 m² of office space, including one level to sublease

Campus Connect, located in the heart of the Illkirch Innovation Park, houses Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise and features one level to sublet in Building B.

GARDENS, the future headquarters of the UP Group in Gennevilliers

In Gennevilliers, one office building embodies all of GA Smart Building's expertise

Gymnote II, a student residence for Kley in Cergy

With Gymnote II, GA Smart Building has produced a student residence offering 191 beds in 162 housing units for the Kley Group

Orange Campus in Balma – A bold biophilic approach for a workplace in harmony with nature

A former logistics hub near Toulouse is being redeveloped as a campus in a biophilic approach to create a workplace in harmony with nature

GA Smart Building to renovate 6,300 m² on Avenue George V in Paris

The George V in Paris’ 8th Arrondissement: a prestigious address, for a high-profile renovation

22,000 m² of state-of-the-art office space for Safran with Batipart and La Française REM in Malakoff

In Malakoff, Safran’s news offices combine modernity and sustainability

Irrigo: 16,300 m² of offices for lease in Bobigny, along the banks of the Ourcq Canal

Near Luminem, 16,300 m² in office space designed by the Leclercq Associés agency

Gymnote I, an office building for Ramsay Santé in Cergy

With Gymnote I, GA Smart Building has constructed 6,000 m² for Ramsay Santé

Luminem, CCMSA’s corporate building in Bobigny

The CCMSA's new Head Office, by François Leclerq, along the Ourcq Canal in Bobigny

The Technopôle in Grenoble, GA business real estate, serving Schneider Electric

Designated the Best Smart Building in France in 2018, with offices and a laboratory for Schneider Electric

Renovation of the 11,000 m² head office of Crédit Agricole 31 in Toulouse

GA renovated the head office of Crédit Agricole at 31 Place Jeanne d'Arc in the heart of Toulouse

The Thales Bordeaux Campus, XXL corporate real estate

In Bordeaux Mérignac, XXL corporate real estate plays out here as a Campus

Santé à Paris, the outpatient surgical unit at La Pitié-Salpêtrière University Hospital

The outpatient surgical unit for the largest hospital site in Europe

GA Smart Building produces the 1st MOXY Hotel in France

A total of 292 rooms for the 1st MOXY Hotel in France

Belaïa in Coeur d’Orly: a new showcase for GA Smart Building’s know-how

In the business district of Paris-Orly: nearly 25,000 m² of office space for Covivio

In La Défense, renovation of the Tour Europe with the architect, Rudy Ricciotti

Renovation of the Europe Tower in La Défense on behalf of Blackrock

Gaïa in Nanterre, an 11,000 m² office building

Located near La Défense, a modulable corporate building

Agua in Toulouse, GA Smart Building’s head office

A new generation of buildings to experience, Best Smart Building 2016 worldwide

Sunny, AXA’s 8,000 m² regional headquarters in Isneauville

Well-being and efficiency for AXA’s new regional headquarters near Rouen

Abellio, offices for Crédit Agricole Immobilier in Toulouse

In Toulouse, Crédit Agricole Immobilier’s corporate office building

United in Clichy, a 7,000 m² office building on a site subject to multiple restrictions

A company building of 7,000 m² on a tightly-restricted site, on behalf of Amundi

GA Smart Building renovates the 115 Arche building in Courbevoie for AEW Ciloger

In Courbevoie, the corporate office building 115 Arche has gotten a makeover

17 eco-friendly apartments in Enghien-les-Bains

A timber-framed apartment building with 17 eco-friendly homes.

In Grenoble, a property complex for Econocom in the heart of Parc Oxford

In the immediate vicinity of La Chartreuse, Parc Oxford houses an office building for Econocom

The Audika office building in Gennevilliers

An office building in Gennevilliers for the hearing aid company Audika

33 houses in Perray-en-Yvelines

Two developments featuring 33 timber-framed houses in Perray-en-Yvelines

In Gennevilliers, an office and commercial building for the family-owned Groupe Balas

GA Smart Building has built Olympe; an 8,400 m² office and commercial building for Groupe Balas.

In the Grand-Est, a mixed tertiary and industrial property complex for REGA

In Lesmenils, midway between Metz and Nancy, a mixed property complex for one of the leaders in beverage distribution in the Grand Est is taking shape

A new mixed tertiary-storage industrial site for Adam Boissons in Valff (67)

In Bas-Rhin, an industrial complex for Adam Boissons, a distributor of soft and alcoholic beverages

iXBlue in Besançon, the industrial building with high spatial technology

In Besançon, high spatial technology serving satellites

Les Amarantes, in Toulouse Borderouge, 9,000 m² in high-performance offices, including 1,200 m² for rent

3 high-performance office buildings, one of which is currently under commercialisation

Logistics platform in Saint-Méen in Brittany, under commercialisation

In Brittany, a 12,500 m² logistics platform, for sale or lease

Néo in Velizy, a 20,300 m² office building on behalf of Foncière Partenaires

In Vélizy, Neo, a new-generation corporate office building

Rugby: Construction of Apivia Parc, an excellence centre for Stade Rochelais

An excellence centre for the professional rugby team Stade Rochelais

Renovating 20 rue de la Baume, a corporate building in Paris

In the heart of Paris, renovation of 20 rue de la Baume, a Haussmann corporate building

The Thales Cristal Campus: 87,500 m² in Gennevilliers

87,500 m² of corporate real estate for Thales in Gennevilliers

In Hésingue (68), a mixed business and tertiary industrial complex of 40,000 m² for SES-STERLING

In the Haut-Rhin, in the Grand Est region of France, GA Smart Building has built a commercial building, an office building and a service building.

Berénice, 1,800 m² of office space under commercialisation at the Illkirch Innovation Park

1,800 m² of offices for lease in the Illkirch-Graffenstaden innovation park in the Grand Est

B-Park, offices to let in the Vidailhan eco-district in Balma, near Toulouse

In Balma, east of Toulouse, 4,400 m² of customisable office space for rent

Renovation by GA on the Haussmann-style corporate office building at 6 rue Cambacérès in Paris

A Haussmann-style corporate office building, entirely renovated by GA Smart Building

The Camille Doncieux corporate office building, for lease in Bezons

An 8,000 m² corporate office building for lease along the Seine

Canopée in Guyancourt, Sodexo’s corporate office building

In Guyancourt for Sodexo, virtuous corporate real estate

Chausson Matériaux in Saint-Alban, a head office built with well-being at work in mind

In Midi-Pyrénées, the headquarters of Chausson Matériaux completed in 7 months

The Crédit Agricole Securities corporate office building in Mer

Near Blois, a corporate office building for Crédit Agricole Securities, delivered in 7 months

Renovation of the Banque Populaire Occitane building in Albi with Newskin

In Albi, an office building renovated with the new GA skin

Hajimé, a new head office for Nissan Europe in Montigny-Le-Bretonneux

In Yvelines, GA renovated Hajimé, the new headquarters of Nissan Europe

Renovation of the four-star Hôtel Auteuil Tour Eiffel in the 16th arrondissement of Paris

One of GA Smart Building’s first references in high-end hotel renovation

SAF in Hésingue, an industrial building serving luxury’s cause

Industrial real estate dedicated to luxury

Transgène in Illkirch, an industrial building dedicated to biotechnology research

In Alsace, an industrial building dedicated to biotechnology research, with laboratories

Concerto in Niort, MACIF’s corporate office building

In Niort, GA delivers a 10,000 m² corporate office building in 11 months

Choiseul in Lorient, an industrial building for National Defence

An industrial building for the hi-tech activities of DCNS, a world leader in naval defence

Brasseries Kronenbourg, an efficient office building in Obernai in Alsace

An efficient building, a prestigious showcase of GA know-how

Anthogyr in Sallanches, innovative industrial real estate

Innovative industrial real estate in the heart of the White Valley

1,000 m² in laboratories and 800 m² in offices in Saint Nazaire for Atlanbio

1,800 m² for Atlanbio’s biological analysis laboratory

Fronius in Roissy, innovative industrial real estate

In Roissy, industrial real estate with offices and a planted wall

The Paredes logistics distribution platform by GA Smart Building

In PACA, GA is designing and building a logistics distribution platform for Paredes

Plastic Omnium in Ruitz, the industrial building built in 7 months

In Pas-de-Calais, GA rolled out a 12,000 m² industrial building in 7 months

The Reboul factory, industrial real estate in the heart of the Alps

Near Annecy, a shining example of industrial real estate

A company building for Inter Mutuelle Assistance (IMA) in Niort

A 13,200 m² G+6 company office building in Niort

The Sport and Health programme, at the Gennevilliers Municipal Health Centre (CMS)

The Sport and Health for All programme, at the Gennevilliers Municipal Centre



GA Smart Building is launching work on its future head office in Toulouse, a project demonstrating a new generation of decarbonised buildings.

Sébastien Matty, Chairman of GA Smart Building, and his teams have just symbolically launched works on their future head office at Toulouse Montaudran Aérospace, by organising a “wishing tree” ceremony in the presence of Jean-Luc Moudenc.


Dragon Rouge creates ROOJ by GA, the first off-site low carbon housing brand, for GA Smart Building

Faced with the ever-increasing demand for housing and the ecological and social emergency facing real estate and construction, GA Smart Building, an atypical player in the sector, historically positioned on the tertiary market, decided to strengthen


GA Smart Building renovates and delivers Gravity, a building of more than 10,600 m² in Paris’ 14th arrondissement

Situated at the Porte de Montrouge city gate, in Paris’ 14th arrondissement, GA Smart Building has restructured Gravity, an office building of 10,625 m² on behalf of the Pierre & Entreprise Group.