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Imagining the real estate of tomorrow

We visualise and anticipate today’s property for tomorrow’s world.

Build differently, sustainably

We are developing new solutions for sustainable construction.

Renovating to give new life to buildings

Renovation means giving existing buildings a new life whilst respecting current energy requirements

GA Services, custom management of your buildings throughout their entire life cycle

GA Services supports you through customised and long-term management of your property assets, thanks to its local network and high-performance tools.

We visualise and anticipate today’s property for tomorrow’s world.

The property development industry is undergoing major changes.

Users’ expectations are evolving, looking for even greater well-being and connectivity and leaning towards more virtuous and responsible constructions.

This all changes the objectives on how housing, hospitality, workplaces, health facilities and more are designed.

The GA Group responds by adapting its range of products and services to these new ways of living and working.This is  achieved by implementing more sustainable construction methods and creating connectivity for people, buildings and objects.

We create places that offer good living and working environments

We want all our designs, that are part of our #weBuildforLife mission, to have a positive impact on the people who live and work within them, as well as on the environment.

Whether offices, hotel accommodation, living spaces or health facilities, our varied and adaptable building designs include services to make everyday life simpler.

To help our customers find the right solutions for these new needs, the team at GA Smart Building are on hand to guide them throughout the process.

For this, they rely on GA Smart Building technologies developed throughout the business, as well as future prospects. And more than ever, on designers and architects.

Our partner architects anticipate new opportunities and applications

In collaboration with the Promotion division, big names in architecture are designing their latest property development projects using GA Group solutions.

Baumschlager Eberle Architekten and Inedit Architecture for the Cité Universelle in Paris, François Leclercq for Luminem and Irrigo in Bobigny, Reichen & Robert for Gymnote in Cergy-Pontoise… These prestigious designs include the latest GA technologies and illustrate the Group’s desire to create buildings that offer a better way of living.

Our Design Studio feeds designers

Our Design Studio is involved right from the design phase of our property development projects, in order to visualise the experience around our products in a user centred approach, known as “User-centred Design”.

It explores the use of the latest materials, such as smart materials, as well as recyclable or bio-sourced ones.

Working with the Research & Development and Innovation divisions, the Studio considers the implementation of new construction processes, such as 3D printing.

François Leclercq

GA’s construction processes offered us a very wide choice in terms of facade rendering They have enabled us to construct buildings with high-quality finishes at costs within budget. When it’s this accurate, it’s an architect’s dream.

Frédéric Celdran


Frédéric Celdran

Managing Director, Property development

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