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Carbon-free products to reduce building footprints

Groupe GA is innovating in order to decarbonise its products and offer its clients a low carbon option

Groupe GA designs products capable of reducing the carbon impact of its buildings and having a positive impact on life and on the city.

Since the early 1980s, Groupe GA has been industrialising the production of major building components. Designed and manufactured in our French factories, a facade factory, an equipment factory, three wood prefabrication factories, and three concrete prefabrication plants, the components are then installed on site by our teams.

We are the only fully “integrated” player in the property and construction sector in France. This “off-site” construction model shortens construction times from 20 to 30%, or even from 50 to 60%, when using Ossabois’ modular approach as compared to a traditional construction site. It also optimises manufacturing costs and helps control product quality.

Processes with recognised and proven efficiency

GA Group pivots allow for the construction of multi-floor buildings, thanks to slabs that rest either on a column-and-beam system or directly embedded on the columns.

Atom offers an innovative range of high-precision structural off-site floors.

Atom Concrete presents a structural skeleton of traditional office floors made of standard prefabricated concrete elements. These major structural elements are columns, walls, beams, and stairs. The thickness of the prestressed floors varies from 21 cm on small spans to 26 cm on large spans. The Atom Concrete floor offers great structural finesse, and a perfect underside allowing the removal of false ceilings.

Atom Cork is an off-site concrete floor that’s low in carbon thanks to the use of cork elements in its composition.

Atom Active, an off-site concrete floor with an active soffit, allows you to heat or cool a room and thus ensure ideal thermal comfort.

Wood construction

In order to improve the carbon footprint of its creations, in early 2018 Groupe GA incorporated Ossabois, a leader in wood construction in France.

Its off-site, wood construction method is at the forefront of environmental performance.

Wood has many virtues. Being modular, it allows for sustainable construction. With its excellent thermal and mechanical performance, it provides residents and users with well-being and comfort.

With Ossabois, Groupe GA is designing buildings with a carbon footprint that anticipates future regulations, in order to have a positive impact on life and on the city.

Wood, concrete, and metal combo

While “all wood” is not always possible, particularly for situations with large spans or large heights, the mixed wood, concrete, and metal design allows for the construction of modern buildings that favour natural light.

Wood makes it possible to optimise the performance of constructions by combining it with concrete and metal whenever possible.

The nobility of wood and the aesthetics of concrete, which have come back into style the last few years, are a new source of inspiration for architects.

The environmental transition of our prefabrication concretes

We have already dedicated one of five silos at each of our plants to blast furnace slag, which allows us to formulate concrete up to 30% substitution using the EN206 regulation.

We have also established industrial partnerships to test the latest supply-chain cement formulations in our factories.

Aiming for completion in 2030, we are conducting research in partnership with INSA de Toulouse on concretes capable of dividing our concrete carbon footprint by three.