GA constructive solutions

GA constructive solutions

The GA Group implements a complete range of constructive solutions in order to reduce the carbon impact of its buildings

The GA Group implements a complete range of constructive solutions in order to reduce the carbon impact of its buildings and have a positive influence on life and on cities.

Since the early 1980s, Groupe GA has been working to industrialise the production of the main components in building construction. Designed and manufactured in our French factories – a façade factory, an equipment factory, three wood prefabrication plants and three concrete prefabrication plants – these components are then installed on site by our teams.

In the real estate and construction industries in France, we are the only completely “integrated” operator. This “off-site” construction model makes it possible to shorten construction times by 20 to 30%, even by 50 to 60% with Ossabois’ modular approach, compared to a normal site.
It also optimises manufacturing costs and makes it possible to control the quality of the quality.

Processes with a recognised and proven efficiency

Linchpins of the GA Group, they enable the construction of multi-storied buildings, with slabs placed on a post-and-beam system or built directly in the beams.

TRIDAL is a beam-less prestressed flooring system, which facilitates huge floor space, without beams or springing.
With its triangular structure, on-site delivery is made even easier. Five construction workers can lay up to 1,000 m² of flooring in one week.

LEIGA is a flexible frame that enables the construction of more complex architectural designs.

Made up of prestressed slabs, both bolted together or not, on post/beam assemblies, the LEIGA slab enables the design of very wide buildings with a single row of intermediate beams.

INTERTEC is designed for production or logistical buildings.
It is made up of prestressed concrete frame elements that are not as tall as traditional products.

The choice of method depends on the desired use.For huge, free and scalable floor space.

Wooden construction

In order to improve the carbon footprint of its projects, the GA Group integrated the Ossabois company at the start of 2018, the leading wooden construction company in France.

Its off-site and wooden construction method is at the forefront of environmental performance.
Wood has lots of advantages.

Since it is modular, it allows for a sustainable construction.
With its excellent thermal and mechanical performance, it provides inhabitants and users with a sense of well-being and comfort.

With Ossabois, the GA Group conceives buildings with a carbon footprint that anticipates future regulations, for a positive impact on life and on cities.

Wood, concrete and metal mixture

Although “all wood” is not always possible, particularly in wide-span or high-rise environments, approaches combining wood, concrete and metal can be deployed to deliver modern buildings that give priority to natural light.

Wood makes it possible to optimise performance, combining it with concrete and metal whenever possible.

The nobility of wood and the aesthetics of concrete, which has become popular again in recent years, are a new inspiration for architects.

Low carbon concrete solutions

Concrete is continuously reinventing itself to improve its carbon footprint.

For more than 25 years, the GA Group has been using titanium dioxide in order to create a self-cleaning and depolluting material.

As part of its sustainable and responsible “#weBuildforLife” strategy, GA measures the carbon footprint of its promotional projects, in order to focus its research work on low carbon concrete, to optimise their formulation and improve the carbon footprint of their constructions projects.