GA Smart Building a rénover avec une façade Newskin l'immeuble 115 Arche à Courbevoie pour le compte d'Amundi. ©EliseRobaglia

Newskin, the active façade for building renovations

Newskin, a high-value technological shell for renovation projects

Newskin, a high-value technological shell for renovation projects

A smart alternative to curtain wall facades for building renovation, the Newskin active facade has been developed by our Research, Development and Innovation department.

This “new skin“ replaces a building’s old facade with a new shell which integrates all the exclusive GA Smart Building equipment: triple glazing with integrated blind and air treatment unit.

The Newskin facade accommodates all kinds of building technology.

It offers thermal comfort to users and manages energy use by controlling the supply of light and heat and providing the necessary temperature.

An aesthetic facade which lets light in

The flexibility of the Newskin shell gives buildings a new architectural identity.

The removal of false ceiling plenums optimises ceiling height by offering more space to its users. It also improves the users’ well-being thanks to the availability of more natural light.

Creating smart buildings

Whether vertical or horizontal the GA air treatment units assure optimal air quality as well as heating, cooling and free-cooling.

The Newskin active facade is managed in real-time by the Galaxy Pilot software, which guarantees totally personalised thermal comfort and solar control, whilst ensuring the best acoustic comfort.