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FullBIM, the digital model

From conception to functioning

MOOCBIM, become a digital player

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FullBIM : more than evolution, a revolution

The BIM digital model , Building Information Modelling, is a technical and ‘experiential’ projection of exactly how the building will turn out.

From conception, to the production and functioning of the building, the BIM model brings both a precise and global vision to the project.

Modelled and ‘smart’ buildings

With FullBIM , we develop a precise digital avatar of each of our future buildings.

From the laying of the concrete to partitioning via technical lots, each component is modelled through BIM.

The BIM design of the building’s structure, shell and framework allows our team to visualise the whole project. We also resolve potential synthesis problems in advance that could occur during the project, reduce delays, and increase the performance of our after-sales service.

The building’s digital model also allows us to simulate technical data such as acoustics, heat, sunlight and energy consumption.

Be it hygrometry levels or occupation levels, the data integrated into the BIM platform gives us a real time situational analysis of the building.

From the start of the project to handing over the Dossier des Ouvrages Exécutés (Document of Completed work), we deliver the BIM model to the client. In this way, the client has all information relating to the building and its functioning.

In the BIM operation phase, the live 3D digital model continues to evolve throughout the project and even beyond completion.

A collaborative work tool which simplifies everything

Internally, GA Smart Building deploys a BIM Managers team exclusively dedicated to this technology.
Each service has a specialist BIM contact.

What is the goal? To maintain a common and coherent digital approach, to establish inter-trade bridges with the help of the BIM modelling and to ensure necessary support alongside all BIM contributors and users.

A reference point among all participants, the BIM model helps to evolve management methods. It makes work more collaborative and makes each construction stage more efficient.

This saves time and makes the project more efficient.

For every project, GA Smart Building trains its partners and sub-contractors on how to use the BIM model. It’s an asset for the whole housing profession in the digital transition phase.

GA Smart Building’s expertise in BIM is recognised and honoured worldwide

In 2016, GA received the Grand prize at the Tekla Global BIM Awards 2016 for its BIM model associated with the Thales Campus Bordeaux.

In 2018, at the Tekla France BIM Awards the 142,000 m² ORY4 logistics platform in Brétigny-sur-Orge received a Special Mention from the panel.

We want to make BIM accessible for all

As all stakeholders in the property and construction sector are involved in this digital transition, GA Smart Building and INSA (National Institute for Applied Sciences) in Toulouse have joined together to develop ‘MOOCBIM’, a BIM training course in MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) format.

This online training tool, free and accessible to all, helps all property and construction stakeholders tackle this vital digital transition.

Including BIM basics, BIM modelling, BIM inter-operability methodology and rules, BIM charters and collaborative work, all in just four weeks, the MOOCBIM has already trained and made more than 10,100 registered people proficient since January 2018. BIM training is recommended by 97% of trainees.

From conception to functioning

Découvrez grâce à la maquette numérique 3D BIM une vision globale de l'immeuble de bureaux pour Safran à Malakoff, réalisé par GA Smart Building.
Découvrez la maquette numérique 3D BIM de la plateforme logistique ORY4 construite par GA Smart Building à Bretigny-sur-Orge.
La maquette numérique BIM, Building Information Modeling, de GA Smart Building est une projection technique et expérientielle de ce que sera exactement le bâtiment.