Activ Concept Ga Smartbuilding 1

Activ’ Concept to improve comfort and reduce energy consumption

Activ'Concept is an innovative GA solution to improve comfort and reduce energy consumption, meeting future regulations

Activ’ Concept, improving comfort and decreasing energy consumption in buildings

This technological innovation from GA Smart Building has pre-empted the upcoming Environmental Regulation RE2020, aiming to decrease energy consumption and the carbon impact of buildings.

The Activ’ Concept solution sits on active concrete flooring with integrated water networks. It is associated with a geothermal, aerothermal or other renewable energy source. The heat pumps draw calories or frigories from the temperate soil, thus naturally regulating the water temperature. In addition, suspended ceilings are removed, making it possible to use the concrete’s thermal inertia.

The Activ’ Concept solution, coupled to air treatment modules

GA’s air treatment modules are integrated into the facade, which facilitates the building’s main air treatment function, independently and without any ducts.

Depending on the what is required, the equipment offers heating, air conditioning and ventilation options, while enabling individual modulation of the temperature by each user. There are also specific functions for night ventilation and “free cooling” or natural cooling.

A complete and flexible CVC, which consumes very little energy

Each module has its own intelligent system and is able to adjust the level of ventilation, with the ambient CO2 level, and maintain a stable hygrometry to ensure good air quality for its occupants.

These devices are equipped with the latest generation of electromechanical components, to decrease their energy consumption as much as possible.

The environmental impact created by this solution is therefore very low*.

* Primary energy consumption less than 60kWh/m2/year for the Agua building in Toulouse.With local energy production, Agua is energy positive (1st building labelled BEPOS Effinergie 2013).