PREGA is the production entity for the main components that make up the structure and façade of our buildings.

Working across 3 production sites, Labège near Toulouse, Criquebeuf-sur-Seine near Rouen and Sainte-Croix-en-Plaine near Colmar, PREGA is the production entity for the main structural and façade components of GA Group’s buildings.

It has 140 employees and produces concrete components for the structure and facades of our buildings.

Each PREGA factory has a carpentry workshop to make formwork, an iron framework workshop or reinforcement workshop and a concrete mixing plant.

The factory used to produce the components for a given construction site is chosen according to how close it is to the site. For Sunny in Rouen, the Criquebeuf-sur-Seine factory in Normandy produced the components.

The 3 factories can also work together on a large-scale GA construction site, such as the Thales Bordeaux Campus or the Amazon logistics platform in Brétigny-sur-Orge.

An off-site construction method to ensure deadlines are met and greater safety

With the exception of foundations and paving, all components that make up a building complex are produced in the factory and then assembled on the construction site.

The factories are capable of producing multiple concrete structural and facade components: columns, girders, paving, panels, beams, facade panels, sills, acroterions, bases , lintels, mullions, etc.

As well as facade components in smooth, tinted, forged, sanded, polished concrete components, with a wide range of finishes.

This off-site construction method ensures that budgets and deadlines are met. Bad weather does not affect the factories.

It is more comfortable and safer for workers.

GA-specific construction methods for each type of building

  • TRIDAL and LEIGA for office buildings
  • INTERTEC for industrial buildings
  • DALLE for carparks

PREGA , towards industry 4.0

The factories are going digital, with the launch of a tool which allows the whole production process to be monitored in real time.

What is the goal?

The aim is to ensure that all industrial processes are visible in order to anticipate manufacturing spikes, optimise production, improve communication and ensure quality control throughout the entire manufacturing chain.
A strong desire to reduce the environmental impact
The PREGA factories have signed-up to the Group’s #weBuildforLife approach, thanks to off-site construction, organised sorting of waste, the creation a research unit on low-carbon concrete…