PREGA produces high value-added concrete structural and facade components

PREGA produces high value-added concrete structural and facade components

PREGA offers each of its clients the benefit of its expertise in producing precast concrete of all types and finishes.

3 sites in France

Labège (near Toulouse)

Criquebeuf-sur-Seine (south of Rouen)

Sainte-Croix-en-Plaine (near Colmar)

PREGA, unique expertise in off-site concrete production

PREGA offers each of its customers the benefit of more than 40 years of experience in producing all types of precast concrete.

PREGA is an integrated company: an expert in all of its fields, from design to delivery.
Its services all rely on its own production, without any subcontracting.

Its off-site model has the following advantages:

  • Securing production through an industrial process
  • Ensuring production quality
  • Optimising schedules
  • Improving safety on worksites
  • Limiting noise pollution around construction sites

Its infrastructures are made up of three divisions:

  • An integrated industrial division – framework, carpentry, formwork – to develop customised technical solutions
  • A ready-to-use concrete division with a high-capacity concrete plant, equipped with a blast furnace slag silo and a silo dedicated to all types of decarbonated binder formulas
  • A logistics management and organisation division, with digital monitoring of production in real time, thanks to custom-designed and deployed software

Its storage capacities enable it to handle projects of any size, even large-scale ones.

Every customer is supported by PREGA, from the first estimate through to delivery.

With 200 employees across three sites in France – Labège (near Toulouse), Criquebeuf-sur-Seine (south of Rouen) and Sainte-Croix-en-Plaine (near Colmar) – PREGA operates throughout the country.

PREGA has expertise in all types of building systems

PREGA designs all types of precast concrete building systems, from column-beam structures to floors, from walls to facade cladding.

  • Architectural facades

PREGA is a specialist in architectural facades.

The company is particularly attentive to enhancing concrete minerality and working on its reliefs.

This expertise enables it to produce all types of finishes:

– Textures with incorporations (glass, aluminium, etc.), aesthetic materials and coloured aggregates
– Cast concrete
– Elements with complex geometry (curves, variable heights, etc.) manufactured in the in-house carpentry workshop
– Formwork essential for manufacture in a dedicated carpentry workshop

PREGA also builds structures for facades and can adapt to all construction processes available on the market.

  • Reinforcements

PREGA manufactures and assembles reinforcement cages in its workshops.

  • Ready-to-use concrete

Its state-of-the-art automated concrete batching plants allow it to work with a variety of concrete types: classic, self-placing, quick-drying (BRB), low carbon, engineering, etc.

A proactive innovation strategy

Through its teams’ strength and the power of its industrial facilities, PREGA offers its skills and expertise to each and every one of its customers.

PREGA provides support to its clients through customised projects, including prototypes.

Its three factories are piloted in 4.0 mode: it has set up a system for digitising all production data, enabling each project’s progress to be monitored and production traceability to be ensured.

PREGA adheres to an investment plan to ensure that its production facilities are constantly updated and developed.

PREGA’s environmental commitments

PREGA produces all types of carbon-free concrete in order to meet the most ambitious requirements, in connection with the Environmental Regulations 2020 (RE2020), for increasingly high-performance buildings.

PREGA ensures an eco-responsible production process, including selective waste sorting, water treatment and waste recovery. PREGA also encourages investments geared towards energy savings (LED lighting, measured consumption of all machine tools, etc.).

PREGA factories all enjoy a strong regional foothold, thanks to predominantly local recruitment carried out within a limited scope around each of the factories. PREGA teams have access to training programmes, and the company regularly welcomes trainees and work-study students.

Sourcing of raw materials locally is always a key priority.

Its industrial processes are all part of a continuous improvement process.