Ossabois, the leader in wood construction in France

Ossabois, the leader in wood construction in France

Thanks to Ossabois, we are reducing the carbon footprint of our projects.


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Spread across four production factories, Ossabois is the French leader in the off-site construction of wooden buildings.

A 100% subsidiary of GA since 2018, Ossabois provides us with its valuable expertise in the field of timber construction.

Grouped detached houses, collective dwellings, homes, hotels, as well as toilets and technical centres, Ossabois builds off-site for rapid construction and with timber for sustainable construction.

Thanks to Ossabois, we are reducing the carbon footprint of our projects

A pioneer in timber construction in France, Ossabois uses an off-site construction approach similar to ours.
This allows it to cut its CO2 emissions linked to major works by half, and reduce the project’s duration by 20 to 60%.

Coupled with other materials such as concrete and metal, Ossabois’s timber construction allows us to envision buildings with a carbon footprint anticipating future regulations and aim for environmental excellence.

Using timber, we improve the well-being of our buildings

The qualities of timber construction no longer need to be proved.

Respectful of the environment, timber construction is a source of well-being for the residents and users of our buildings.

Timber insulates and is resistant, offering versatility in design and freedom during construction.

Timber is environmentally-friendly and economical

Timber is a renewable, abundant raw material which can be traced.

Timber construction consumes little energy and a very small amount of water.

Its low weight means it requires less energy for its transformation, transportation and implementation.

Ossabois complements our approach by helping us imagine new solutions which allow us to predict regulations and by making sure that we have a positive impact on towns and on life.