Découvrez le métier et les missions d'un Ingénieur travaux en rénovation de bâtiments chez GA Smart Building.

Renovation Works Engineer

Preparing and Running a Site

A Group Renovation Works Manager, Cédric is also called a Renovation Works Engineer or Renovation Works Supervisor at the Group level.

He develops a property project within a budget set by the Design and Projects department, in keeping with a work schedule agreed upon with the project owner. He is involved with the project owner from the signing of the contract to the lifting of reservations once the building has been delivered.

As a Works Engineer, Cédric has a major responsibility: ensuring safety.

It’s up to him to implement all means necessary to enforce safety rules on the site.

Every day, Cédric is in constant contact with the Property Projects Manager or the Business Engineer.

He also collaborates with all GA support service teams: Process Planning department, Design Office and Purchasing, Accounting and Legal departments.

From an operational standpoint, the job of Works Supervisor requires Cédric     to manage the relationship with the project owner, organise site meetings with service partners and enforce the schedule for all trades.

Cédric is also responsible for the budget handed to him by the Design and Projects department. He is in charge of confirming it or not, amending it if need be, and is committed to the final margin.

And of course, his goal is delivery without reservation.

What Skills Are Required From Cédric Muntaner, Group Works Manager ?

The ability to adapt! Cédric is able to anticipate in advance and deconstruct all tasks that must be carried out in order to put them on the schedule.

He is a good manager and likes working within a team

He uses the right tools   and follows GA-specific procedures.

He is irreproachable in his behaviour because he represents the Group’s delegation of authority with various contracting parties.

Like a sports team, our profession is built around two key elements: a training phase, which is preparing the site, followed by the match, or, in other words, executing it, during which we ensure that teams follow the agreed-upon strategy.

A day in the life of Cédric Muntaner, Group Renovation Works Manager


Start of the Day

On the site, ensuring that all service partners are present and that all safety instructions are followed. Checking that the workers are well-equipped (helmets, shoes, vests, ear plugs and goggles if need be, etc.), that the teams are well positioned, that everyone is at his or her post. A 15-min safety meeting with the Site Manager and the entire team once per month. Dispatching of tasks to all trade sectors on site according to what must be technically accomplished.

10:00 a.m.

Meetings on design, technical adjustments, choice of materials, initiation of studies, technical overview and coordination. Checking the means implemented, both in terms of human and material resources, to stay on schedule. Approval of operating procedures with the Site Manager.

2:00 p.m. 

Progress update with the project owner and the architect to gauge needs, ensure accountability and get the answers needed for the project to progress properly.

End of the day

Final site walk-through to assess progress.