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Business Engineer

Technical and financial definition, and monitoring of real estate projects

Laure joined GA Smart Building as a Business Engineer and developed into the position of Project manager.

Laure, Business Engineer, has a very broad remit. Under the authority of the Design and Projects Director, she participates in responses to calls for tenders before monitoring contracted business.

Situated at the confluence of the various trades, Laure has close relationships with architects, teams in the design office, factories, and sustainable development department, and also the works department, the legal department, property promotion and even renovation.

When a potential market is identified, she drafts a precise specification of the property needs. She defines the future property project both technically and financially in compliance with the standards and regulations in force.

What is her goal? To submit the best offer in a highly competitive context and the one that is best suited to the customer’s request. She then draws up all the contractual documents, negotiates the terms, and selects the main subcontractors.

Internally, she ensures that the file is correctly communicated to the various departments concerned, finalises and sends the financial schedule and organises the launch of the project.

The Business Engineer guarantees service quality at all stages of the project, and is responsible for interfacing with all business stakeholders: internal departments, design, works, backers, legal, subcontractor purchasing, partner service providers and project owner, until the works are completed.

What skills are required from Laure, Business Engineer?

As a business engineer, Laure has solid technical, regulatory and financial knowledge, particularly in terms of building design. Independent and precise, she has good people skills and favours teamwork with different trades.

A day in the life of Laure Delas, Business Engineer

I am an Arts et Métiers engineer, and graduate of ENSAM. After my studies, in 2001, I joined GA in the Omega Structural Design Office, as a design engineer. In 2006, I switched to the Design and Projects department, where I took on the role of Business Engineer. I enjoy managing projects from A to Z, responding to highly varied mission orders and being in contact with very different trades. I like the closeness between the various departments at GA. This promotes responsiveness and efficiency when making decisions.

Start of the Day

Costing of an office building project which must be defended orally the following week: at this stage of the project, the financial estimate is based on study sketches and technical details validated with the Structural Design Office.
Entering the GA processes to be implemented, the suppliers’ estimate and all other services necessary for the successful execution of the building into the bespoke GA process quotation software.
Alongside this work, I respond to various emails and phone calls from customers and subcontractor partners.

10:00 a.m.

Meeting with the “fluids” department as part of another project: a medical centre.
We need to validate the design and technical parts for the subcontractor consultation.
Within a month, we will have to appoint our partner for this operation.

11:30 a.m.

Chat with a colleague from the Structure Design Office on the lift package for another office building currently under construction.
They need to know the size of the shaft to commence precasting.

2:00 p.m.

In view of the oral presentation of the office project, a videoconference is planned with the sales person, the architect and the sustainable construction engineer. What is the goal? To finalise the financial offer, review any technical points that are proving difficult and update the latest plans to submit the best possible offer.

End of the day

Returning to my workstation: replying to emails I’ve received, calling the lift manufacturers consulted in regard to the office building, with negotiation of the purchase price and validation of the content of the service provision.
This data will allow me to study and select the best offer for the lift package.