Drafting Designer

Drafting Designer

Project execution studies and modelling

As a Drafting Designer, Laurie participates in the real estate project’s execution studies by modelling formwork and reinforcement elements in reinforced and prestressed concrete.

Reporting to the Senior Drafting Designer , she has links with most of the Group’s internal departments: Works, Design and Projects, Process Planning, Trade and Development, BIM unit, factories. Externally, she is in contact with architects, project managers, the control office and subcontractors.

She provides the execution plans from the file sent by the Business Engineer and the calculations carried out by the Design Engineer.

In charge of the formwork, Laurie ensures that the various concrete elements are designed to their correct measurements and checks that they integrate perfectly with other products to form the structure of the building.

Together with the Process Planning Department, she puts in place all the inserts required for transport, handling and safety.

She models the reinforcement, i.e. the steel elements that contribute to the strength of the concrete component. She creates the “D execution plan for the element, which will guide its manufacture at the precast concrete factory.

Finally, she ensures that the plans comply with the graphic charter, and checks that they agree with the calculation note.

What are the skills shown by Laurie Lartigue, Drafting Designer

Laurie is a technician, she is an expert on the BIM platform used by GA Smart Building. She knows how to adapt and respond to different requests and events.

Gifted with a real team spirit, she has to make sure that her component is compatible with those produced by her Design Office colleagues. She is available, methodical and enjoys working in a team.

A day in the life of Laurie Lartigue, Drafting Designer

After obtaining my baccalaureate in industrial sciences and technologies, I studied for a diploma in civil engineering for two years in Toulouse. In July 2017, I applied for a Drafting Designer position, which I started in September. After a year, I am still pleasantly surprised: the environment is very dynamic, very modern, there is a good atmosphere, many young people, and even friendly gatherings of colleagues. And since the construction processes are unique, the focus is on innovation.

Start of the day

Discussions with the Senior Drafting Designer to assess the priorities for the day. Depending on the element to be designed, I refer to the Engineer who did the calculations for this element.

11:00 a.m.

Modelling of the requested element then creation of the plan which will be used for its production at the factory. Every Thursday morning: overview with the Senior Drafting Designer of the various elements made over the past week.

1:30 p.m.

Finishing of the plan. Correction by the Design Engineer, verification against the calculation note and of the feasibility of the reinforcement, before launching the electronic distribution of the plan. Sending of a file containing a list of irons and a nomenclature. Transmission to the Process Planning Department who provide the link to the factories.

End of the day

Start modelling a new element, according to the order assigned by the Process Planning department, after consultation with the factory and the Design Office.