David Lannelongue Fiche Metier Directeur Usine Groupe Ga 1 1

Factory Director

Supervise, manage, develop

David is a Factory Director. As such, he supervises dozens of employees as well as temporary staff depending on the activity.

He supervises the 5 areas into which the factory is subdivided: mounting of reinforcements, manufacture of reinforced concrete parts, transport, maintenance, administrative department. He is responsible for quality levels, deadlines and safety.

He defines and monitors the main performance indicators to assess the smooth running of all the workshops. He is in contact with suppliers of raw materials and equipment, architects and clients external to GA Smart Building, which represent about 20 to 30% of the turnover of the factory.

Every month, he provides a management report to the Industrial Director in the context of management control. It is also he who, working closely with the Purchasing department, negotiates the prices of raw materials and materials.

As head Manager of the PREGA Labège factory, David assesses recruitment needs and seeks continuous improvement in terms of working methods and conditions. For this purpose, he oversees the application of safety and environmental protection rules in partnership with the Group’s headquarters.

What are his main skills?

A meticulous and methodical approach. David has excellent interpersonal skills, is attentive to his colleagues and knows how to be approachable.

A day in the life of David, Director of the PREGA Labège factory

I started at GA in 1989 as a designer in the Omega design office until the end of 1999. On 1 January 2000, I took over the position of Business Manager in the Sales Department. On 1 September 2000, I joined the Works department, until 2007, in charge of carrying out operations valued at between 3 and 10 million euros. Then I replaced the director of the PREGA Labège factory who was retiring. I have been in this role for 11 years. I have a very trusting working relationship with the management of GA Smart Building, which gives me great independence. There is a real sense of belonging within the Group, just like a family. You build a career at GA Smart Building: I’m the proof; it's been 30 years and I'm still here.

Start of the day

Distribution to the various departments of the plans collected the day before from the design office in order to stay informed of all the products that we are responsible for manufacturing.
Setting of the product planning schedule with the scheduling manager.

8:00 a.m.

Responding to questions from the various partners, teams, design office, construction site, sales and support department. Ongoing efforts to facilitate discussion between the various stakeholders.

2:00 p.m.

Facilitation of work meetings to address all matters in progress, related to the prefabrication of concrete products or a request for clarification from a customer.

One to several times a week, visits to the factory by clients, users, architects or suppliers. Presentation on our trade and the operation of the factory. Site visits to ensure the monitoring of works before final delivery.

End of the day

Agua, headquarters of GA Smart Building in Toulouse. Submission of invoices to the Accounting department, visits to the Sales department and the Works department to catch up with the work engineers. Ongoing maintenance of exchange dynamics to smooth the flow of information.