Guillaume Gres Fiche Metier Chef Chantier Groupe Ga 2

Site Manager

Head of major works

Guillaume joined GA Smart Building as a Site Manager and developed into the position of Principal Site Manager.

Guillaume is on the ground every day, come rain or shine. Guillaume is a Site Manager. He leads teams, controls, coordinates and plans.

In the first instance, he takes part in preparatory meetings for the future construction site with the Works Engineers and the design office Engineers. He studies the plans and the technical file. Once the site is launched, he is responsible for monitoring the works and the application of safety standards until the end of the structural works.

Guillaume is much more than a man on the ground, besides being, responsible for the site, he also manages personnel, and oversees and monitors the ordering and delivery of materials.

As the Site Manager, Guillaume’s responsibilities also include reporting on progress and any difficulties encountered to the Works Engineer, the design office and the process planning department.

As a controller and team coordinator, he has a clear vision and day-to-day work. As such, and in his capacity as direct assistant to the Site Foreman, he may be required to replace him if necessary.

What are the main skills demonstrated by Guillaume, Site Manager?

Guillaume is very independent in his role as Site Manager. As the main guarantor of the technical quality of the work carried out, he has keen skills in this area. Rigorous and organised, he has excellent people and management skills. As the point of contact for both teams and providers, he must be convincing and well respected. As he is in the field every day, a site manager must like travelling for work and spending time outdoors, just like Guillaume.

A day in the life of Guillaume Grès, Site Manager

Holder of a BEP-CAP and graduate qualifications in Building, I continued my studies with a year of Civil Engineering, then a second BEP-CAP in masonry with the Compagnons du Devoir. I started at an SME as a site worker and I came out two years later as a team leader. Then I joined a cooperative as assistant site manager before being recruited by GA in 2000. First in the same position and then as site manager seven years later. I appreciate the human dimension at GA Smart Building, the SME approach, which does not exclude very strong ambitions: from a budgetary point of view, or more simply due to their size, the projects developed by GA are significant, represent a huge responsibility and offer great opportunities for progression.

Start of the day

Arrival on site.
Calls to team leaders, dispatching of plans and the schedule of tasks to be done during the day.

8:00 a.m.

Tour of the site to check that everyone is at his or her post and to demonstrate what has to be done in the field. Throughout the day, responding to requests, both from my teams and subcontractors.

9:00 a.m.

Checking emails, managing emergencies.
Confirmation of orders of materials. If a plan presents difficulties, call the design office to inform them and, if necessary, ask for clarifications. Call to the Site Manager, discussion regarding progress on site and the level of completion of the ordered products to avoid any dead time on site.

10:30 a.m.

Another tour of the site to answer questions and ensure that everything that is done is consistent with safety plans and standards.

1:00 p.m.

Ensuring that the site is running correctly.
Throughout the day, calls from the design office, process planning department and suppliers who flag up any possible problems with orders.

End of the day

Head to the office to manage administrative tasks, confirm orders for the next day and take an inventory of the human and material resources implemented during the day.