Damien Ruc Fiche Metier Ingenieur Methodes Groupe Ga 1

Process Planning Engineer

Guarantee the smooth running and fluidity of the chain of production.

Damien is a process planning engineer at GA Smart Building. In this capacity, he coordinates tasks in interface with the various departments. He proposes technical development solutions to the Business Engineers, he oversees the issuance of plans with the design office. In partnership with the concrete prefabrication factories, he monitors the load schedule, assigns new production and checks the progress of production.

In close contact with the Works Engineers, he facilitates site preparation: choice of material, modes of construction, phasing, site safety, reinforcement and installation plans, etc. Finally, he frequently consults with the Health and Safety Environment department to ensure good practices and compliance with regulations. He ensures that all decisions are recorded in the QAP (Quality Assurance Plan).

He validates the detailed “fine mesh” schedules. This is the estimated hourly budget for the structural works, which allows the Works Engineer to control the number of hours spent by the workforce on the site.

On a day-to-day basis, his responsibilities as a Process Planning Engineer are to ensure compliance with each factory’s prefabrication schedule, so as to ensure the progress of the projects. And to circulate feedback on the various departments.

What are the main skills shown by Damien, Process Planning Engineer?

Damien knows how to communicate with the various stakeholders. Responsible for establishing the right diagnoses and finding the right solutions, he showcases a true analytical spirit. In the event of a disagreement, he arbitrates in the best interests of the company and not a particular department. His persuasion and conciliation skills are not in doubt, as he has to not only manage his own team but also convince employees of other departments.

He has solid knowledge of building engineering in order to continuously optimise operating and construction procedures.

A day in the life of Damien, Process Planning Engineer

A graduate of the ESTP, majoring in building, I started in the Process Planning department of Bouygues Bâtiment Île-de-France. Having worked as a process planning engineer for 5 years, I joined GA Smart Building in the same role. Process planning departments are traditionally the preserve of very large groups. But that’s not the only innovative thing about the Group. GA Smart Building is a company at the cutting edge of progress. For example, the use of 3D throughout the construction chain. GA is atypical in its industrial construction method. This impacts on the process planning department because it forms the link between the design office, the factory and the execution work.

Start of the day

Emails and responding to emergencies. Planning the load distribution for my team. Study of a business case. With regard to a call for tenders, creation of the general contractual schedule which will be affixed to the contract.

11:00 a.m.

Creation of a site installation plan in partnership with a process planning technician. Meeting prior to discussion with the sales team to detail all needs. Drafting of an organisation note, a summary document describing the human and material resources and the method of organisation on site.

2:00 p.m.

Drawing up the installation, execution, reinforcement and safety plan with the site preparation team, ordering equipment, operating methods… Defining the “fine mesh” schedule, i.e. the planning of the major works work force. Supervision of the technicians in charge of creating the plans and validation of the documents which are sent out by the department.

4:00 p.m.

Responding to planning, organisation, methodology and security issues, requested by the sales department, works department, or design office.

End of the day

Piloting the implementation of BIM tools by an R&D Engineer with regard to preparation of the site. Participation in the deployment of new equipment, in connection with the materials and works departments.