Sales & Development Manager

Sales & Development Manager

Analysing, establishing a sales strategy and building loyalty.

Lorédane joined GA Smart Building as a Property Sales & Development Manager and developed into the position of Commercial Director & Business Real Estate Development – Île-De-France.

As Property Sales & Development Manager, Lorédane is the prime contact at GA Smart Building for its clients, Project Owners and their advisors.

During the sourcing phase, Lorédane learns as much as possible about her future Project Owner. She develops a concrete project, promotes a buoyant business environment and defines clients’ expectations in order to develop a relevant business strategy. In partnership with the Head of Programmes or the Business Engineer, she leads discussions, internally and externally, from launching studies to concluding contracts.

At the same time, she maintains close relationships with a network of Project Owners (users, investors, promoters), consultants and Project Managers to identify new opportunities upstream. She performs regular monitoring of the market and provides the relevant information to Management.

Lorédane regularly takes part in public events such as trade fairs.

What skills are required from Lorédane, the company’s Property Sales & Development Manager?

History, trades, technical solutions and their specific characteristics, in her capacity as Property Sales Manager , Lorédane has an excellent knowledge of business. She is familiar with the different types of property development and the contracts associated with them. She has good people skills and is diplomatic. She also has a strong capacity for analysis and synthesis.

A day in the life of Lorédane Priore, Sales & Development Manager

After studying maths and further maths in high school, I went to the ESTP engineering and research graduate school, where I specialised in “construction” with minors in planning and sustainable construction. I joined GA Smart Building in 2015, in charge of major accounts. GA Smart Building is distinguished by its integrated model with turnkey delivery. We have special relationships with the users of the buildings because our solutions are aimed at their well-being. GA is spread over several business segments, so I have to meet very different people, which I like. My job is not just about business: I monitor every real estate project from start to finish. My engineering training is very useful for this.

Start of the Day

Responding to my clients’ demands, and various requests. Strategic monitoring of the real estate market and commercial opportunities. Sourcing of business. Informal discussions with my colleagues, to be up to date with internal issues and new developments.

10:00 a.m.

Meeting with the client, for the purposes of prospecting, taking stock of their business and discussing their investments.

12:00 p.m.

Summary of the morning’s discussions, to report the information internally. Update on the actions to be taken, with the Director or the Programme Manager with regard to real estate promotion or the Business Engineer with regard to construction and renovation.

12:30 p.m.

Lunch with clients or partners, investors, developers, architects, consultants, users, etc. to develop my network, building loyalty from my contacts, sourcing information and identifying new business.

2:00 p.m.

Facilitation of a meeting to take stock of current business. Participation in preparing and negotiating the contract, validating the advantages in order to negotiate the contract or agreement.

4:00 p.m.

Internal reporting of the decisions taken at the meeting so that everyone is aware.

5:00 p.m.

Participation in a launch or visit to operations carried out with GA Smart Building or solutions developed by the Group with clients.

End of the day

Daily reporting: Reporting the actions carried out during the day to the Directors. Disseminating information to everyone moving the project forward in parallel. From this point of view, the fluidity of the information is paramount. Finally, telephone discussions with my team to guide them in their future actions, drafting a launch or project progress report.