Victor Katchoura Fiche Metier Responsable Programmes Immobiliers Groupe Ga

Property Programme Manager

Property Programme Manager

Victor joined GA Smart Building as a Property Programme Manager and developed into the position of Deputy Program Director.

As the Property Programme Manager, Victor is involved from the set-up of the project to the delivery of the building.

He has multiple missions. Accommodation, offices, shops or hotels, it is his responsibility to determine the typology of the future programme, by ensuring that it is compatible with the surrounding environment.

Surrounded by a team of specialists made up of, notably, architects, decorators, design offices, acousticians, lawyers and other advisors, he leads the project by passing the construction permits to the depot, then to the administration and ensures the management of the project concept.

He works in collaboration with all the various sectors, notably the GA Company, Commercial engineers and Works engineers and the Project management team.

He also establishes the plan and financial report for the operation.

He creates the necessary tools for marketing the project with the communication and marketing department. He then recruits the property agents responsible for selling the premises. He manages past contracts with different contributors.

He guarantees the budget, the time-delays and that all of the contractual engagements are respected.

What skills are required from Victor, Property Programme Manager?

A Property Programme Manager can come from a technology, engineering, business school or law background, like Victor. He or she must possess a great ability to see the bigger picture and know how to listen and analyse.

He or she must be comfortable dealing with figures. He or she is, in effect, the guarantor of the operation report for the promotion of the property to the considerable financial challenges.

A day in the life of Victor Katchoura, Property Programme Manager

I started in legal studies, where I specialised in property law, before turning towards property itself. During my Master’s degree, I did a year in industry before being recruited by GA, once I had my diploma under my belt. I appreciate above all the human qualities that are valued at GA: the fact that it is an SME where the employees are the stakeholders. Working at GA also means gaining cross-disciplinary experience in the property industry and taking on many responsibilities, which is highly motivating.

Start of the Day

Property project committees with our clients on the site. Visiting the construction site to see the progress of the project in concrete terms.

10:00 a.m.

Organising the construction site meeting with the client, architects and Company works engineer all present, coordinating all contributors to respond to the various problems posed for the progress and evolution of the property project.

1:30 p.m.

Lunch with a designer, then an hour to check and reply to my emails.

2:30 p.m.

Videoconference with our commercial engineers and construction economists at the headquarters, in Toulouse. Exchange on an on-going call for tenders of actions to lead and respond to.

4:00 p.m.

Writing the committee report following the events at the site this morning. Sending it to the various contributors. Consultation on the report on ongoing operations and update on the progress of the construction permits.

End of the day

Visiting a property that we have in marketing, which means it is available to rent or buy. On-site, I join the “sales representatives” that we have organised this visit with for a potential customer.