Caroline Morin Fiche Metier Ingenieur Etudes Groupe Ga 1

Design Engineer

Ensuring that projects are carried out correctly

Caroline joined GA Smart Building as a Design Engineer and developed into the position of Industrialization referent.

As a Design Engineer, once the contract is signed, Caroline is responsible for ensuring that property projects are carried out correctly, from the start of the project to the completion of the structural works.

She has entire autonomy in organising and supervising the team of designers and draughtsmen that she is responsible for in the Design Office. She assigns their roles and assumes responsibility for them.

She carries out the technical design of the company building , in accordance with the file received by the architect and the GA construction standards.

As a Design Engineer , Caroline is responsible for validating the implementation plans and producing the necessary calculations. On the basis of these calculations, she drafts reinforcement principles and sends them to the designers so the plan can be produced.

Once the plan is drafted, she validates it and distributes it to all project stakeholders.

Caroline guarantees compliance with the production schedule provided by the Process Planning department. She has good knowledge of the regulations and standards in place in order to guarantee the client that the building will be constructed pursuant to the law and the terms of the contract.

She is the point of contact for the Work Manager, Sales and Development Manager, Property Programme Manager and the Business Engineer.

Caroline Morin’s qualities, Design Engineer

Caroline is thorough. The prefabricated elements must be measured with the utmost precision, so that they fit together correctly.

She likes to work in a team, and shows a real dynamism allowing the group and the project to advance at the same pace.

A day with Caroline Morin, Design Engineer

After graduating in Mechanical Engineering from IFMA, I joined a team of engineers in an engineering group in the Paris region, producing conceptual designs. I then joined the Design Office at GA Group. The model for industrialising construction processes, developed by GA, couples producing a BIM model with factory manufacturing, which makes it possible to better plan for the issues that may be encountered during a project. At GA, I particularly appreciate being part of a team that you can depend on and easily discuss the best ways of carrying out projects.

Start of the Day

Review emails to check on how various work is progressing and set the priorities for the day.

11:00 a.m.

Meeting with the Lead Designer, who designs the building in 3D on their workstation. Review the design and any structural adjustments to be made to the model. Pass on the points raised internally to the Works departments, and externally to the client, the architect and the partner service providers.

1:30 p.m.

Structural and dimensional calculations of reinforced concrete elements to determine the correct reinforcements for all elements. Discussions with the Structural Director and/or other engineers to cover any specific technical aspects of the project.

End of the day

Monitoring and communicating Design Office requirements to the Business Engineer and Works Engineer. Monitoring and reporting on sub-contractors to obtain data necessary to move the project forward.