Synapses 1Ere Tour Modulaire Hors Site Bois Courbevoie

Synapses, France’s first 100% modular wood building, for Paris La Défense in Courbevoie

GA Smart Building is constructing the first entirely modular wood high-rise in France, in partnership with Pitch Immo, for Paris La Défense in Courbevoie.



Total surface area: 8,000 m²

Location: IDF

Status: Upcoming

Duration of work: 17 months


Pitch Immo (leader of the joint venture) and GA Smart Building




Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia


CDC Habitat



CET Ingénierie

ELIOTH by Egis


Merci Raymond

As part of the “Empreintes” call for innovative mixed-use, low-carbon urban projects, GA Smart Building is teaming up with Pitch Immo to build the first 100% modular wood high-rise in France, to be developed on the Ségoffin site in Courbevoie.

Paris La Défense’s ambition with this call for projects is to become the world’s first post-carbon business district. The joint venture between GA Smart Building and Pitch Immo, in association with Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia, is transforming a 2,800 m² plot of land on a highly constrained site to the north of the La Défense esplanade.

The land, situated at the junction of the business district and Courbevoie, was formerly occupied by a car park ramp, an embankment, the retaining structure for Boulevard Patrick-Devedjian and a cycle path. Synapses’ innovative architectural and urban design will help to improve the entrance to Courbevoie.

The 8,000 m² complex will be France’s first 100% modular wood high-rise, standing 49 metres high.

The ground floor will include a 2,000 m² active base, which will accommodate the following facilities over two levels:

  • A food court
  • A gym
  • A mini-market
  • The town’s multi-purpose hall
  • A bakery

On the upper floors, 6,000 m² will be used by Colonies, a leading provider of coliving accommodation in France.

The project will help to liven up this diverse neighbourhood and encourage a dynamic flow of traffic between the garden path, the paved square and the ring road.

Synapses has solid environmental ambitions.  Working with the Elioth design office, the group set a very high standard for environmental excellence, starting at the design stage: bioclimatic comfort, integration of air treatment modules in the facades, use of bio-sourced materials, 30% re-use of materials, greening of 3,250 m² of space despite the constraints of the site, etc. Thanks to all these measures, Synapses will be in line with the RE2020, at the 2028 threshold.

GA Smart Building’s industrial, off-site construction approach, complemented its subsidiary Ossabois’s modular 3D wood construction solution, will enable completion of the 8,000 m² project on a highly constrained site in a record time of just 17 months.

GA Group controls every stage of the project, from FullBIM modelling, through the production of the 3D wood modules in Ossabois factories, ultra-low-carbon concrete in the PREGA factories, comfort equipment in the Equilab plant, and basement joinery in the Paquet Fontaine plant, to their on-site assembly.

This construction method ensures quality construction and tight deadlines while minimising the site’s environmental impact and disruption to local residents.

Sophie Meynet


Sophie Meynet

Managing Director, Residential Real Estate