FullBIM est la maquette numérique 3D BIM du Groupe GA Smartbuilding, qui couvre un projet immobilier de la conception à l'exploitation

FullBIM 3D digital mockup covers the entire project, from design to operation

The modelling software FullBIM is a virtual construction medium that provides a technical, “experiential” projection even before construction work starts.

A real digital avatar of buildings, the FullBIM model (BIM stands for Building Information Modeling) provides unique knowledge of projects at every stage: from design to production in the factory and on the work site, and then once buildings are in operation. 

All the elements of a smart building can be modelled with this software, from the smallest insert in the concrete to division, by way of work packages and formwork. All parts are also referenced in the software. 

The modelling of the building’s structure, envelope and main networks means that the teams can visualize and simulate technical data such as the building’s acoustics, thermal system, insolation or consumption.

A collaborative work tool that facilitates construction and operation alike

This precious, highly detailed work tool saves time and improves efficiency for the duration of construction work. Because it is a single data repository common to all the parties involved, the FullBIM model guarantees efficient collaboration at every stage of construction work. 

Thanks to the training in FullBIM provided by GA, partners and sub-contractors can develop and improve their BIM skills, which is an asset for the building trade as a whole. 

At the completion of construction work, the model is given to the client, who is thereby supplied with all the information about the buildings and how they function. Throughout the cycle of operation, this digital avatar facilitates the site’s adaptability in accordance with the client’s needs. 

The prize for best BIM project in the world

GA was awarded the Tekla Global BIM Awards 2016 Grand Prize for the use of its FullBIM model associated with the Thales Bordeaux Campus. Tekla awards are conferred yearly on the real estate projects that boast the boldest design and construction. Of the 73 BIM Awards winners from three continents that competed in 2016, GA won the prize for the best BIM project in the world, all categories considered.

Building virtually before laying the first stone

FullBIM is used to build virtually before the actual construction begins. 3D modelling helps eliminate potential conflicts between different aspects of the building and to find technical solutions before ground is broken. Digital models also save time and improve construction site efficiency.

A single resource containing all technical information

Stacks of instructions and manuals are a thing of the past! All technical information related to the building, installations and contractors are stored in a single digital resource from the planning phase onwards. The software keeps a record of each building’s history, enabling real-time management and easier upkeep and maintenance, which in turn improves cost-efficiency and ensures optimal comfort.