The GA Smart Building teams will build a 13,000 m² office complex with a detachable silo car park, contributing to the development of the Grand Matabiau Quais d’Oc district.

1pulsion, the 1st office building in the Grand Matabiau Quais d’Oc district

GA Smart Building is building 1pulsion, the Grand Matabiau Quais d’Oc district’s first office building.


New offices

Total surface area: 13,000 m²

Location: South West France

Status: Under construction

Duration of building work: 15 months


E+C- approach, level E3C1

Breeam Very Good



HQE (Haute Qualité Environnementale [High Quality Environmental standard]) Excellent


Leclercq Associés 








Elithis Solutions 






Stéphanie BORDONE 



GA Smart Building is building 1pulsion in the heart of Toulouse, a 13,000 m² office complex for Espaces Ferroviaires.

Following a competitive tender launched by Espaces Ferroviaires in 2021, GA Smart Building, in a consortium with the firm of architects Leclercq Associés, won a contract to design and build 1pulsion on land owned by the SNCF group.

This project will contribute to the transformation of the city centre of Toulouse, and will be the first commercial property programme in the Grand Matabiau Quais d’Oc urban renewal project, one which involves the French government, the Occitania region, the Haute-Garonne Department Council, the SNCF group, Tisséo, the City of Toulouse and Toulouse Métropole.

1pulsion is located on the 2.8 hectare Raynal-Sernam site that is being developed by Espaces Ferroviaires in a highly strategic location in the centre of the Toulouse metropolitan area. The development that links the Canal du Midi and the railway line is part of an overall regional momentum, and benefits from its close proximity to many different forms of public transport, including the Toulouse-Matabiau TGV (high-speed train) terminal which is just a 10-minute walk away. Accessibility will be further enhanced in 2028 by the arrival of the new metro line 3.

The property development comprises two blocks with two distinct volumes built in contrasting colours. Its commercial ground floor has been designed to accommodate a variety of uses and to be open to the surrounding area. 1pulsion anticipates the offices of the future by offering high-quality workspaces that provide flexibility, optimal organisation and opportunities for relaxation and social interaction, with:

  • flexible, welcoming modular work areas
  • offices dedicated to sharing and teamwork in project mode
  • spacious areas for socialising
  • large, bright openings providing views over the city centre and green spaces
  • direct daylight in high-traffic areas and stairwells for optimal ease of movement
  • planted terraces and natural islands of outdoor greenery


With its2,200 m² of generous green outdoor spaces, 1pulsion provides a natural continuity with the gardens that border it and the landscaped areas of Rue Raynal. With gardens, planted terraces, plenty of natural light, services, etc., the spaces have been designed to create a balance between their users’ well-being and the preservation of local fauna and flora.

1pulsion will also have a company restaurant and a 260-space multi-storey car park.

From the outset, GA Smart Building has been working with Leclercq Associés, the architects and members of the ‘Bâtiments de France’ association, and its PREGA factory in Labège, to meet the city of Toulouse’s expectations in terms of the materials, colours and the scale of the buildings, and to find the ideal balance between architecture, elegance, flexibility, technology and speed of implementation, while prioritising local, sustainable materials.

Using off-site construction, which is what sets GA Smart Building apart, has made it possible to address the initial constraints of the project. In fact, 1plusion is located on a narrow plot, close to several other projects also under construction in the area. Furthermore, the car park is being built above the future metro line 3. This has meant adapting the foundations and designing an all-metal cantilever structure.

The Group has complete control over every stage of the construction process, from FullBIM modelling to manufacturing the structural elements, façades and amenities in its French factories, through to on-site assembly. This unique approach ensures quality construction with control of deadlines, while keeping the site’s environmental impact and disruption to local residents down to a minimum.

The building of 1pulsion: the key figures:

  • 5,000 m² of facade panels prefabricated in the PREGA Labège factory that incorporate terracotta facing
  • 1,600 m² of white concrete façade
  • 675 ml sills
  • 500 pillars
  • More than 3 km of beams
  • 700 “Atom Concrete” prefabricated floor slabs
  • 90 flights of stairs
  • 26 prefabricated modules of 4 sanitary units manufactured in the Ossabois factory in the Vosges department
  • 464 “Leaf Hydro Vertical” air treatment modules manufactured by EQUILAB
  • Sets of glazed windows and curtain walls manufactured by PAQUET FONTAINE

It is worth noting that, because the structural elements and façades are being manufactured in the Group’s PREGA concrete prefabrication plant in Labège, just 15 km away from the site, half of all transportation will be routed through Labège instead of coming into Toulouse’s city centre, which will help to relieve urban congestion.

Finally, 1pulsion has high environmental ambitions. It will incorporate the best standards and advances in the field, and will be aiming for the Breeam Very Good, Biodivercity, R2S and HQE Excellent labels and certifications. It is in line with the E+C- approach, at level E2C1 when commissioned, with the possibility of upgrading to E3C1 due to the conservation measures implemented when the building is connected to the heating network in a few years’ time. A 30% renewable energy mix will be guaranteed from the moment the project is commissioned.

1pulsion, in the heart of the Grand Matabiau Quai d’Oc district, is scheduled to be delivered in summer 2024.

Sébastien Launay


Sébastien Launay

Group sales director