Groupe GA and Foncière des Régions lay the foundation stone of the future regional site of Enedis in Reims

Groupe GA and Foncière des Régions lay the foundation stone of the future regional site of Enedis in Reims

Hélène Milot, Enedis Regional Director in Champagne-Ardenne, Audrey Camus, Foncière des Régions Development Director, and Sébastien Matty, President of Groupe GA, have just laid the foundation stone of the future regional site of Enedis, in Reims, int he presence of Catherine Vautrin, Presidente of Grand Reims and Arnaud Robinet, Mayor of Reims.

Designed by the agency CDA Architectes, the 6,200 m2 building was designed to accommodate the new Enedis offices for its site in Champagne-Ardenne, taking place following the demolition of two buildings.

More respectful of the environment but also more modern and suited to current requirements, the aim of this project is to foster synergies, sharing and collaboration between not only the teams, but also the employees of the different business areas. As such, Enedis decided to do away with partitioned offices and opt for shared work spaces for every employee, regardless of their status within the company.

These new-generation offices, certified HQE® Excellent, will be managed by the GAPÉO® system (Active Management of Energy Performance by Computer) and MyGapeo (remote management application), developed by Groupe GA.

Temperature, light and ventilation will therefore be monitored and adjusted in real-time in order to optimise the comfort of Enedis employees, while minimising energy consumption.

The characteristic industrial approach of Groupe GA will allow for rapid execution, with only 8 months of works, constraints and nuisances will be limited to the maximum extent possible to ensure the work of employees already on the site is not disrupted.

The construction works of this new building, owned by Foncière des Régions and leased to Enedis under a 10-year firm lease, began in September 2016 with a handover scheduled for July 2017. Accompanying Enedis in the evolution of its property strategy, Foncière des Régions further strengthens this partnership which began in 2001 when the site was acquired.

Ultimately, 300 employees will be accommodated in these new premises.

Once the new building is handed over, the old offices which currently house the teams will in turn be demolished to make way for the construction of a second work building of 2,000 m2, also to be occupied by the Enedis group and owned by Foncière des Régions.

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