Euro Disney launches the construction of a new 10,000 m2 building with GA Smart Building

Euro Disney launches the construction of a new 10,000 m2 building with GA Smart Building

Val d’Europe, July 13 2017. Real Estate Development by Euro Disney and GA Smart Building have laid the first stone of the Nala building, the first building constructed behind the scenes at the Disney parks since 2002.

The heart of the company’s activity is the subject of constant developments: new shows, activities or innovative attractions very regularly punctuate the life of Disneyland Paris.

To ensure optimum operating conditions for the tourist destination and to anticipate new needs of the staff (Cast Members), Real Estate Development by Euro Disney initiated a 20-year programme in 2010 to reorganise the Euro Disney business campus. It is in this spirit that an administrative district has been created in the heart of Val d’Europe, freeing up space in the immediate vicinity of the parks for operational functions.

Currently, the behind-the-scenes areas of the theme parks consolidate nearly 200,000 m² of real estate assets designed to accommodate 15,000 Cast Members carrying out 500 different professions. This new Nala building will host the Shows division and will open its doors in late 2018.

The 10,000 m² turnkey property will consolidate offices and activities. It has been designed to optimise both real estate costs and the working environment of the show teams.

On the ground floor, the operational teams will have changing rooms, make-up and hairdressing rooms, rehearsal studios and a “costume” area of more than 7,000 m². The first floor will be devoted to administrative functions and will host a sewing workshop of 1,700 m².

Particular attention has been given to the areas surrounding the building and to their brightness, with paths and tree-lined relaxation areas. Designed with a view to welcoming and serving its users better, this new district located to the north of the site will contribute to the development of well-being in the business.

In accordance with thermal regulations (RT 2012), the environmentally-friendly building will be equipped with high-performance equipment such as a rain water recovery system for the sanitary facilities, integrated solar panels or a planted roof.

The work started in June 2017. Thanks to the industrial approach that is typical of GA Smart Building, which has, notably, used the 3D BIM digital modelling tool, the project will be delivered on June 4 2018. Commissioning is planned for November 2018, at the end of a test phase.


The launch of the work on the Nala building is the culmination of a brand-new project, a new building built in our behind-the-scenes areas, and the beginning of a new stage of our master plan: to reorganise our business campus to make it like a town. This ambitious long-term project aims to control our real estate costs and to invest throughout the Val d’Europe territory, including in the parks’ behind-the-scenes areas. It is also a response to the new needs of our business, which offers more shows and new professional tools improving the quality of our guests’ experience.

Francis Borezée, Real Estate and Tourism Development Vice-President for Euro Disney


After setting-up Ludendo on the Business Park, we are pleased to have been selected for the construction of a building behind the scenes and by this, we are pleased to see this High Environmental Quality project come to fruition. Thanks to the unique industrial approach that sets us apart, the 10,000 m² of NALA will be delivered in less than a year.

Sébastien Matty, President of GA Smart Building

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