GA Smart Building creates its own Design Studio

GA Smart Building creates its own Design Studio

GA Smart Building puts design at the heart of its approach creating an internal design studio with the arrival of Arthur Farre, new Director of Design.

Long committed to a proactive approach to design, innovation and ergonomics, GA Smart Building is stepping up this approach by creating a design studio.

It will be headed by Arthur Farre, age 29, and new Group Design Director.

A graduate of the École des Mines in Saint-Étienne, and having earned a specialised Master’s Degree in Innovation By Design from the École Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle (ENSCI, Les Ateliers), Arthur was previously Senior Designer at Eliumstudio, a Parisian design studio hailed for its multiple creations, particularly in connected objects.

Arthur will be responsible for steering GA’s design approach and putting together an expertise and innovation centre for design within the Group. The purpose of the Design Studio is to build ever smarter, more comfortable and pleasant buildings, designed as full-fledged living spaces. He will thus be involved in the design and construction of buildings, GA products and connected objects, all aimed at fostering the well-being and comfort of their users.

“Today, design is an unassailable key component in the conception and creation of a product, object or service. It concurrently incorporates concept, functionality and aesthetics. It is also – and above all – a critical lever for improving the user experience,” explains Sébastien MATTY, Chairman of GA Smart Building. “Real estate now has to be intuitive and offer seamless experiences, from the start to the end of every day”.

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