Interior air quality: launch of a demonstrator in the GA Smart Building Offices


An interior air quality demonstrator has been installed in the premises of the GA Smart Building in Toulouse. The demonstrator is the fruit of the reflections of a work group set up within the framework of the chemistry and materials strategic commitee.  It comprises seven industrialists and players in the real estate sector. The participants focussed on the theme of “Interior air quality” with the aim of constantly improving the comfort and wellbeing of the building occupants.

The work group, organised with the assistance of the Julien Lebourgeois consultancy firm, includes seven industrialists representative of the entire real estate chain and who, for many years, have sought to reduce interior air pollution in their development strategy:

  • CAMFIL: designer and manufacturer of filtration solutions,
  • GA Smart Building: developer, builder and industrialist,
  • GERFLOR: designer and manufacturer of floor and wall coverings as well as finish elements,
  • HAGER SERVICES: provider of environmental solutions and services,
  • MAPEI: formulator and manufacturer of glues and chemical products used in the construction sector,
  • SAINT GOBAIN: designer and manufacturer of materials for use in the construction sector,
  • UNIKALO: formulator and manufacturer of paints.

They have continued to show their commitment with the launch of this demonstrator which allows the proposal of innovative solutions aimed at improving the interior air quality, analysing the individual efficiency and complementarity of materials as well as measuring their impact in real use conditions.

The intention is to guarantee an optimal interior air quality while also retaining the building’s energy performance.

A first meeting room is used as a laboratory with the installation of low emission and depolluting materials alongside the improvement of air flow and filtration management. The room is equipped with measurement tools permitting the identification and quantification of particulate molecules and substances having an impact on air quality (formaldehyde, COV, PM10, PM2.5, etc.). To compare results, the same measurements are carried out simultaneously in a meeting room of a similar size and having a similar use but equipped with standard equipment.

The initial results of this study are expected for autumn 2017.

Élodie Le Breton


Élodie Le Breton

Communication, Marketing and Sustainable strategy Director

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