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Quiz: What kind of colleague are you?


Our daily habits at the office are very telling. Is your desk chaotic, are you a control freak, are you easy-going? Take this test to find out what kind of colleague you are!

1) In the morning during your coffee break…

◉ You often forget your coffee cup on the meeting table. No time to clean up the crumbs of your croissant, work calls!
▲ You have brought your own cup from home to avoid wasting plastic. That way too, you feel a little bit at home.
▣ You can’t bear the coffee stains your colleagues leave. Sometimes you clean up so that you can fully enjoy your break.

2) Before you leave on holiday…

▣ You put all your documents away so nothing will be left cluttering up your desk. And you rush off on holiday.
◉ Post-its pile up on your desk, you want to be sure not to forget anything. No time to tidy up, you’ll do it when you get back!
▲ You take the time to talk with your colleagues and you leave important documents easily accessible on your desk in case they need them in your absence.

3) During lunch break you sometimes…

◉ Bring in food from outside and eat it at your desk, where the leftovers from that Chinese restaurant often lie around until the end of the day.
▲ Bring in food from home and share it with your colleagues in the lunch room.
▣ You never eat with colleagues, you prefer to go to the pool during your lunch break.

4) When the manager starts a meeting off with a joke, you…

◉ Laugh easily and go him one up to make the whole audience laugh.
▣ You’re here to work, and jokes are out of place at the office.
▲ You are amused. You like it when humour loosens up the atmosphere.

5) Your desk looks like…

▣ A minimalist installation. Nothing sticks out, you can’t bear loose sheets!
◉ A battlefield. You often have trouble straightening it out for all the coffee cups, pens and post-its.
▲ A place where you feel good. You have even brought a plant and some personal items in.

6) When a new employee arrives in the company…

▲ You are happy to show him/her around so they will feel comfortable and you even organize a meal with the rest of the team.
◉ You really don’t have time to spend with them right away, but you’d be delighted to talk to them when an opportunity arises.
▣ You wait until they introduce themselves in the open-plan area. It’s up to the newcomer to take the first step.

7) You clean up your desk…

◉ Never – a cleaning service does it for you.
▲ When you spill coffee, when your desk is dirty, and before you go away on holiday.
▣ Very regularly. You sometimes even disinfect the keyboard, mouse and chair.

8) You usually get to the office…

◉ Late – even if it means finishing later, after the rest of the team leaves.
▲ More or less on time. You like to work with your colleagues and take advantage of their energy, it stimulates you.
▣ Always slightly early, so as to leave earlier if possible.


◉ You are… chaotic

Often swamped with work, you have trouble getting organized, and it shows by just looking at your desk. All your colleagues know it and sometimes laugh about it, but they can usually stand it. You are so absorbed by your work that you forget the people you share the space with. Your bin is overflowing with paper and the remains of your meal tend to be left lying around a little longer than necessary, their odour permeating the open space, as some colleagues remind you. The office is a convivial space that requires everyone to be responsible and organized. Think about it and you’ll see that you have as much to gain as all your co-workers.

▲ You are… obsessive

You are a perfectionist and your superiors congratulate you regularly on your professionalism. On the other hand, you appear solitary or self-centred. Without necessarily going so far as to go on holiday with your colleagues, you should relax a bit and create ties with the people who share your office space. A relaxed atmosphere has a lot of beneficial effects on your work. Working cheerfully is good for your health!

▣ You are… easy-going

At the office you feel at home, and you like to give your work space a personal touch. You have good relations with all your colleagues and take great pains to maintain a good work atmosphere that is stimulating and creative. You are deeply inspired by values of sharing, and collaborative work suits you like a glove. Some of your colleagues may have trouble getting used to this cool, yet professional, attitude of yours, but you are popular with the young staff members and new hires, who often give you tips about new computer tools. A question sometimes troubles you: how can our knowledge and competences be shared in the company more effectively?

By Usbek & Rica

Crédit header : CC0 Rob Bye _ Unsplash

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