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“We support our clients regarding all the deadlines of the tertiary decree”, Caroline Loeper, GA Services Director

GA Services will assist owners and tenants in the implementation of the tertiary decree. Explanations with Caroline Loeper, Director of GA Services.

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“For the future, I dream of an inclusive city that celebrates all living things”

An interview with Ryadh Sallem on how he sees the future of urban environments, the place he imagines for nature, interactions and sport, and his perspective on accessibility

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The GA Group’s (hyper)active facades

Combining user comfort and energy performance, our active facades are giving a whole new look to buildings.

Ryadh Sallem
Ryadh Sallem
High-level athlete, community activist, Social and Solidarity Economy entrepreneur and Paris 2024 Ambassador

We have the ability to analyse our impact on our environment and must be more ambitious. We should be anticipating the integration or reintegration of living things, upstream from any urban, construction, renovation or facilitation project. And every time we create spaces where we know that plants will grow and climb, that animal species will find a refuge...

Excerpt from the article “For the future, I dream of an inclusive city that will celebrate all living things”

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How is the company Opale unleashing the power of employees and creativity?

Transparent and liberated, Opale shows its employees trust, gives them freedom -- and is duly rewarded in return.


December 9 2019

With Positiv Cities, we offer you more than just a magazine about GA’s latest news.

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Smart building: this is not a light bulb

No offence to Thomas Edison, but traditional incandescent light bulbs will soon be just collectors' items. Deemed too wasteful of energy, too fragile, and obsolete, they are now frowned upon by individuals and building professionals alike.

La mission d'une entreprise | Vidéo GA Smart Building

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Concretely artistic

Although concrete is more often associated with sturdiness, resistance and rustic simplicity, it can also be an attractive, noble material. Many architects, artists and designers give it a central, sometimes unexpected, role in their works.

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Imogen Ohlson: cultivating the imagination

In a project that combines art and the environment, artist Imogen Ohlson reused GA's unused paper New Year's cards to make two works of art that will be installed in GA's Paris offices and in Agua, its Toulouse headquarters.

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Quiz: What kind of colleague are you?

Our daily habits at the office are very telling. Is your desk chaotic, are you a control freak, are you easy-going? Take this test to find out what kind of colleague you are!1) In the morning during your coffee break…

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From the myths surrounding artificial intelligence to actual usage in buildings

Through the use of artificial intelligence, buildings are becoming autonomous entities capable of considering, producing and processing data.

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Science-Fiction at work and in the office

From the tactile and ergonomic workplan to the large aseptic open space, science fiction imagines our workplaces of tomorrow.

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The physical transformation of companies: the six latest trends in office life

What if the work environment was the prime factor influencing employee engagement? This was the conclusion of a study carried out by Steelcase-Ipsos, published in February 2016.

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A brief history of the open plan layout

Open plan offices first appeared in the 1960s, and the concept became firmly established in companies the world over. Often accused of being a source of noise nuisance and stress.

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The world’s eight most sustainable buildings

From Grenoble to Melbourne, a tour of the world's most sustainable buildings.

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Emmanuelle Duez : «My bed can also be a work space.»

Emmanuelle Duez was not yet 30 when she organized The Boson Project, a committed start-up providing support to large companies that wish to set up new flexible.

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CES 2016: 5 connected objects to adopt for tomorrow’s office

With the multiplication of connected objects, professional life will continue to be transformed. Close-up on 5 innovations.

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The «sit–stand» desk: a remedy for sedentarism at work?

Obesity, backache, and cardio-vascular disease are some of the harmful effects on our health that can, according to a study conducted by the Observatory of Sedentarism, result from sitting all day long.

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Smart Building: how big data makes building continually smarter

More than architects' plans and concrete blocks, tomorrow's building considers itself ever smarter.

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The office-less generation: the words they use | GA

In 1985, the Harvard Business Review published an article entitled “Your office is where you are”. Today, the generation of workers without a fixed office, nomadic workers without any professional.

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Do we work better surrounded by nature?

Employees who take their breaks in a green environment or in front of a natural landscape reportedly develop a greater capacity to concentrate and be more productive.