Dans Ta Rue Challenge Make The City Ga

Who are the winners of the Make The City challenge that imagines the city of tomorrow?


Find out who the winners of the 1st Make The City challenge are. The brief? To take on the 21st century’s greatest challenge and design cities and living spaces that are more people-friendly, inclusive, liveable, environmentally conscious and sustainable.

Last night, the Make The City challenge grand finale was broadcast live on YouTube. The event was organised by the Palladio Foundation and the Agorize platform with our support, marking the end of a six-month selection process!

In total, 480 multi-disciplinary teams of two to four university-level students, i.e. more than 1,600 participants, showed up to pitch their innovative ideas and projects across three categories that address the real estate industry’s major challenges. Those challenges include designing inclusive, people-focused cities and buildings; low-carbon and sustainable cities and buildings; and smart and connected cities and buildings.

“Dans ta rue” is the winning team of the Make The City challenge

The “Dans ta rue” team, made up of four students from Paris’s Sciences Po university, started from the premise that an inclusive city cannot be conceived without close collaboration between all its stakeholders. They came up with a tool for property developers called “Foncier Commun”, backed by the cooperative of the same name. The developer agrees to allocate a percentage of its land to the creation of a public space on the ground floor, and Foncier Commun assists in identifying local needs and partners in the area (associations, ESS [community-oriented economy] structures). Foncier Commun provides a digital platform that helps local associations manage their space and communicate with each other and with residents. Each member of the “Dans ta rue” team will receive 1,000 euros to continue developing the project.

“Les 3 fantastiques” take 2nd place in the Make The City challenge

The “Les 3 fantastiques” team, made up of three ESTP (School for Major Projects) students, based its findings that ventilation systems in public buildings are not very effective in fighting viruses, and that they only circulate the air and use unsuitable filters. Meanwhile, since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, the government has been warning about the risk of transmission of the virus through ventilation, particularly in enclosed spaces without windows. So, the team came up with the idea of integrating a UV-C lamp system into existing ventilation systems to eradicate airborne viruses in buildings. UV-C light irradiation is a method of disinfection by inactivating micro-organisms and various viruses. With the right exposure time and intensity, a virus’s DNA is effectively fragmented and destroyed. In addition, this system, integrated into the existing ventilation system, does not use any chemicals. Each member of the “Les 3 fantastiques” team will receive 500 euros.

3rd place in the Make The City challenge goes to “FAMI:liées”

The “FAMI:liées” team, consisting of students from HEC Paris business school, Sciences Po Paris and the Glion Institute of Higher Education, noticed the lack of adequate housing for families, the absence of social connections between neighbours, and an increasing demand for co-habiting. In light of these findings, the team has developed a new type of “more collaborative” housing. The project uses the community as a means of providing shared housing that is more family-friendly, affordable and flexible. Each of member of the team will receive 200 euros!

The jury was chaired by Sébastien Matty, President of GA Smart Building and included:

  • Camille Barrois, Senior Vice President, Westbrook Partners
  • Dimitri Boulte, Deputy CEO, SFL (Société Foncière Lyonnaise)
  • Sofiane Chikh, Development Director, Eiffage Aménagement
  • Benoît Labat, Director, Kareg Investment Management
  • Corentin Le Faucheur, Director of Operations, Backacia
  • Sophie Letierce, Director of Human Resources, Kaufman & Broad
  • Anne Mollet, Deputy Managing Director, Communauté des Entreprises à Mission (Community of mission-led companies)
  • Catherine Papillon, Director of Sustainable Development/CSR, BNP Paribas Real Estate
  • Marine Ulivieri, Director of Asset Management, Groupe ADP

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