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Invest in a low-carbon office space within Astérie, a building situated close to Bordeaux’s Saint-Jean train station

This new office building in Bordeaux is distinguished by its proximity to the Saint-Jean train station, its architecture, its availability for sale as an entire building or in lots, its dividing options and its significant environmental commitment.


ZAC (joint development zone) Saint-Jean Belcier
33000 Bordeaux, France

GA Smart Building and CBRE present the Astérie office building for sale, set to open in the heart of Bordeaux in the first half of 2023, after winning a competition sponsored by EPA (public development project) Bordeaux Euratlantique.

Astérie, a strategic location in Bordeaux in the heart of the Armagnac business district

The Astérie office building boasts an exceptional location with excellent visibility over the south side of Bordeaux. Situated at the foot of the Pont de la Palombe bridge, it is less than a five-minute walk from the Saint-Jean train station, which, using the high-speed train link, is just over two hours from Paris-Montparnasse.

With easy access to tramway line C, five bus lines, TER (Transport Express Régional) and TransGironde regional trains, as well as a 30-minute shuttle service to Bordeaux-Mérignac airport, this new building offers visitors convenient ways to explore not only the city and this region, but also the whole of France and Europe.

Astérie is just a stone’s throw away from all the commodities in the area including hotels, shops, local services and restaurants.

Bordering a part of the city that promotes soft traffic with protected pedestrian and cycle paths, the complex is situated in an area that offers a mixed urban environment.

Localisation Asterie Bordeaux Bureaux A Vendre Ga Smart Building
Construction type

New offices

Total surface area: 10,000 m²

Location: Southwest France

Status: In development

Duration of works: 17 months


Baumschlager Eberle Architectes

Key figures

800 workstations
9 flexible floors, divisible into spaces ranging from 250 to 1,150
100 bicycle slots
58 parking spaces in a car park situated 200 metres from the complex

Astérie, a building with 8 flexible and divisible floors

With a total surface area of 10,000 m2 that can accommodate up to 800 workstations, Astérie is spread over eight floors that are flexible in terms of layout, and can be divided into spaces ranging from 250 to 1,150 m².

Each floor’s design is based on a load-bearing structure that is independent of the partitioning, offering greater modularity. This makes it possible to accommodate a single tenant or up to four occupants wanting to create their office space, on each floor.

Astérie caters to all businesses, from small to medium-sized companies as well as independent professionals, looking for attractive office space for their employees and their operations that brings them greater recognition.

Astérie, an exemplary building from an environmental perspective

Astérie’s design fulfills a true environmental objective in terms of energy consumption and carbon emissions, thanks to its wood structure.

The building is also connected to the energy-efficient municipal heating network.

Astérie is aiming for BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) certification at the “Very Good” level and is part of the E+ C- initiative (E+ for positive energy, C- for carbon reduction).

Astérie in Bordeaux, iconic and inspired architecture

Baumschlager Eberle Architects chose to revisit traditional Bordeaux styling, by combining multiple heights within the design, slender edges to the building’s structure and incorporating vertical openings.

Astérie’s architecture gives it an elegant, distinctive silhouette that is destined to become a prominent landmark within the district of Armagnac.

The facade of the building, named after Calcaires à Asteries, the asteriated limestone used to build buildings in Bordeaux, is reminiscent of this iconic material. It is made of low-carbon architectural concrete panels, constructed in the factory using the off-site approach, unique to GA Smart Building.

Inside, Astérie provides perfect comfort, with optimal light and state-of-the-art air conditioning and air renewal systems.

A complete range of layouts for turnkey office solutions

Depending on the needs of each buyer, GA Smart Building can draw up plans and carry out all the interior layout work required, from partitioning to computer network installations and furnishing.

Designed to provide a real living space where people can meet and share ideas, Astérie’s ground floor embraces today’s new ways of working and sharing.

Open and versatile, it houses shared meeting rooms, a concierge service, a contemporary café and a co-working area. The building also offers its users loggias, 100 bicycle slots and parking spaces nearby.

Astérie in Bordeaux, a “Made in France” building

Both a developer and a builder, GA Smart Building develops and builds in its French factories and then assembles and connects all the structural elements on-site, including carpentry, facade air-conditioning systems and bathroom facilities.

As a result, the Astérie building is being entirely developed in France using French materials, French techniques and French savoir-faire.

Delphine Fontaine


Delphine Fontaine

Director of Business Development Île-de-France

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