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Les Amarantes in Toulouse

Les Amarantes in Toulouse, 3 office buildings in the Borderouge district

Plateforme logistique in Saint-Méen

In Brittany, a 12,500 m² logistics platform, to sale or to rent

Neo in Velizy

GA and BNP Paribas Immobilier’s new partnership with Néo

Apivia – Stade Rochelais in La Rochelle

In La Rochelle, a performance centre for Stade Rochelais professional rugby players

The Cité Universelle, a manifesto

20 rue de la Baume in Paris

In the heart of Paris, the renovation of a 19th-century Haussmann style office building

Campus Cristal Thales in Gennevilliers

Cristal Campus, 87,500 m² of corporate real estate for Thales in Gennevilliers

Canopée in Guyancourt

Virtuous corporate property in Guyancourt for Sodexo

Chausson Matériaux in Saint-Alban

In Midi-Pyrénées, the head office of Chausson Matériaux built in 7 months

Crédit Agricole Titres in Mer

An office building for Crédit Agricole Titres near Blois completed in 7 months

Banque Populaire Occitane in Albi

In Albi, an office building renovated with the GA Newskin

Hajimé in Montigny-le-Bretonneux

GA renovates Hajimé, Nissan Europe’s new headquarters in Les Yvelines

InnovaPark in Vaulx Milieu

InnovaPark, 3 leasehold office buildings in Vaulx Milieu, Isère

Aurore in Troyes

Aurore, a logistics site now in marketing phase on the Parc logistique de l’Aube

Bérénice in Illkirch

Bérénice, 1,800 m² of office space in Illkirch now on the market

B.Park A and B in Toulouse

B.Park in Balma, east of Toulouse, 7,000 m² of office space for rent

6 rue Cambacérès in Paris

In Paris, a 19th-century Haussmann style office building completely renovated by GA Smart Building

Camille Doncieux in Bezons

A business building for rent along the Seine

SAF in Hésingue

In Hésingue, industrial real estate for the luxury sector

Transgène in Illkirch

In Alsace, a building with laboratories and an animal housing facility

EBM Papst in Obernai

In Obernai, new-generation industrial property

Concerto in Niort

In Niort, GA completes a 10,000-sqm office building in 11 months

Choiseul DNS in Lorient

In Lorient, an industrial building for the high-tech activities of DCNS, the world’s leading naval defence firm

ASTAV in Valenciennes

A group of occupational health offices in Valenciennes

Brasseries Kronenbourg in Obernai

Kronenbourg Breweries, a prestigious showcase of GA know-how

Anthogyr in Sallanches

Anthogyr, innovative industrial real estate in the heart of the white valley

Atlanbio in Saint Nazaire

Atlanbio, a cross between office building and industrial building

Fronius in Roissy

In Roissy, industrial real estate with offices and a leafy green wall

Paredes in Rousset

In the Bouches-du-Rhône department, GA designs and builds a logistics distribution platform from A to Z for Paredes

Plastic Omnium in Ruitz

In Pas-de-Calais, GA developed a 12,000-sqm industrial building in just 7 months

Nicomatic in Bons en Chablais

8 000 m² for a paragon of the connector industry

Reboul in Chavanod

Near Annecy, a fine example of industrial real estate

IMA in Niort

A 13,200 m², 7-storey corporate office building in Niort

Centre Municipal de Santé in Gennevilliers

Combine a medical centre and a gym over 2200 sqm