The «sit–stand» desk: a remedy for sedentarism at work?
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The «sit–stand» desk: a remedy for sedentarism at work?

Obesity, backache, and cardio-vascular disease are some of the harmful effects on our health that can, according to a study conducted by the Observatory of Sedentarism, result from sitting all day long. One of the main causes of our modern inertia is prolonged use of our computer at the office. The five innovations described below could help us adopt better positions at work.

– The Californian start-up Altwork has designed an adaptable chair that allows you to work in four positions, all of them ergonomic: standing, sitting, with your legs elevated and even lying on your back. To change positions, a remote control is integrated into the desk and the rotating computer screen adapts to different postures. The keyboard and mouse are magnetic, but the coffee cup is not included! This chair of the future, with its look of outer space travel, has been on the market since autumn 2015.

– The Steelcase company has developed the walkstation, a treadmill installed in front of workstations that allows you to walk while using your computer. Equipped with a screen that displays how fast you walk, how much time you spend doing it, how far you walk or the number of calories you burn, the device encourages people to move while working and allows them to work out at the office while fostering workers’ well-being. The invention also echoes a study conducted in 2014 by Stanford University which showed that walking stimulates creativity.

– The brainchild of a London designer, Tableair is a hyper modern variable-height desk whose height can be adjusted by just a wave of the hand (thanks to a sensitive sensor) as well as via a mobile application. The minimalist style rectangular desk with two metal legs is available in several materials and colours (glossy white, black, cherry or walnut). The panels can change colour to suit your taste and are backlit by LED lights. Ideal for working sitting or standing — a snap of the fingers is all it takes.

– The Kinetic Desk was created by Stir, a Los Angeles company. It is a wireless, touch-control “smart desk” that automatically detects the user’s presence and lets them know when it is time to stand up. Its height is easily adjustable and it records data such as how much time you have spent sitting or the estimated number of calories burned. The desk also has a Bluetooth connection for carrying on dialogues with smartphones and wearable fitness devices.

– The Level is a kind of skateboard without wheels, made out of bamboo and maple using environmentally friendly methods. By trying to stay balanced with their feet on the board, employees make micro-movements that are beneficial to health. Moreover, balancing the body’s weight prevents pressure from accumulating in the legs and feet as it does when you are seated. Using this board is said to improve employees’ cardiac performance by 15% without lowering productivity. Marketed by FluidStance, these elegant boards are compatible with all standing desks.

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