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“Expressions”, a pop-up contemporary art exhibition at our Paris offices!


Lenny Kravitz, Kimiko Yoshida, Youn Cho: we are opening a pop-up contemporary art exhibition on the theme of “Expressions” at our GA Smart Building offices in Paris!

Pop-up exhibition on the theme of expressions

Art in the office! For many years, we have called on corporate art specialist, rentingART, to introduce our employees and visitors to contemporary art exhibitions at our Paris offices.

To take this one step further, this month we are very pleased to launch a pop-up exhibition on the theme of “Expressions”: six months in front of the flashing camera of Lenny Kravitz, side by side with Kimiko Yoshida and enjoying the joie de vivre of one of Youn Cho’s “Girls”! In front of others and towards ourselves, we are all faced with a certain vision of ourselves. The artists in this exhibition take inspiration from the intensity of these expressions to create their works and reflect on the meaning this can have on their own identity.

What’s next? A new six-month exhibition on a different theme, to allow the viewer to fully immerse themselves in the worlds of other renowned and emerging artists!

Lenny Kravitz’s “Flash” photography series

Primarily famed as a singer, musician, and songwriter, American artist Lenny Kravitz is also well-recognised in the photography world for his shots of celebrities and fans.

In his series, “Flash”, he captures the essence of what it’s like to be a rock star constantly living in the public eye. The viewer takes the place of Lenny Kravitz in front of the flashing cameras of journalists, paparazzi and fans, and finds themselves immersed in the crowd gathered closely around the star.

This series of photographs stems from Kravitz’s willingness to turn the gaze of the paparazzi – both amateurs and professionals – against them, at a time in his life when they deprived him of privacy and prevented him from shooting outdoors.

In taking back control of the image, the artist was moved by these unknown faces. The photographs in the “Flash” series thus allowed the author to establish an almost friendly relationship between the artist and his models, highlighting his fans’ most intense emotions towards their star.

“I started really looking inside people,” explains Kravitz, who saw in them “curiosity, happiness, pain, intrigue… frustration, love, everything, just people, and human emotions.”

Kimiko Yoshida’s “The Bride” photography series

“I fled Japan because I was dead. I took refuge in France, to escape this grief. When I was three years old, my mother threw me out. I left the house, carrying a box with all my treasures. I took refuge in a public garden. The police found me there the next day. Since then, I have always felt like a nomad, roaming, fugitive.”

Born in Tokyo in 1963, Kimiko Yoshida fled Japan to escape her arranged marriage.

The photography series, “The Bride”, by artist Kimiko Yoshida largely references this personal story, showing a staging of the artist dressed as a bride, but also of women who suffer the same fate in many countries.

Her art develops a contemporary reflection against images of seduction, against the voluntary servitude of women and against communitarian identities. This is why her message is universal and moving.

Youn Cho’s “Girls” sculpture series

Together with her “Girls”, Youn Cho embodies the playful aspect of the Ecole de Nice movement, while preserving her Korean identity and Manga culture. She moves, of course, in the wake of Ben, Arman, Sosno, Moya, Gilli and Chubac, the humour of whom requires the joyful participation of the public.

Youn’s “Girls” express true joie de vivre. True icons, these fantastical characters in bright, contrasting colours reflect the expression of universal childish emotions and the soul. They carry traces of nostalgia for a world of innocence, non-conformism and spontaneity of emotions, imposing themselves as challenges to the passing of time.

Like a Niki de Sainte Phalle, each of these faces represents moods, an aspect of Youn Cho’s character, hence the multitude of faces and postures that the “Girls” portray. These are actually pieces of a great internal puzzle.

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