Renovation Surelevation Paref Paris Ga Smart Building

Renovation and roof extension of an office and retail building for PAREF in Paris’ 11th arrondissement

GA Smart Building is renovating and raising the height of a building in Paris on behalf of the PAREF Group.


Offices and shops

Total surface area: 2,900 m²

Location: Paris

Duration of work: 14 months

Client: PAREF

Architect: SK & Associés



HQE BD 2016 certification, commercial buildings, Very High Performance level

BREEAM NC 2016 v6 certification, Very Good level

Wiredscore v3 label, Gold level

In Paris, GA Smart Building is renovating a 2,500 m2 office building and raising it by 360 m² on behalf of the PAREF Real Estate Management and Investment Group.

Located in the Faubourg area of Paris’ 11th  arrondissement, just a short walk from metro line 9, this five-storey building currently boasts almost 2,540 m² of floor space.

When completed, the building will have two additional floors and the street façade will be extended, bringing the total surface area to around 2,900 m², including 2,300 m² of office space and 600 m² of retail space.

The restructuring project, designed by architects SK & Associés, was prompted by the PAREF Group’s desire to reposition the property on the market, as it no longer met standards in terms of comfort, energy performance and environmental quality.

The office building has been redesigned to offer optimum comfort and meet new needs. This has been made possible by the redevelopment of existing outdoor spaces and the creation of terraces and a green roof, which will allow occupants to enjoy native vegetation while creating spaces for relaxation and breathing.

Naturally, the building has ambitious environmental targets. The renovation work will help it achieve the BREEAM RFO “Very Good” and the HQE Bâtiment Durable (Sustainable Building) “Very High Performance” certifications, as well as the Wiredscore “Gold” label.

The construction work also meant that the site had to be adapted to a highly constrained urban environment. As the building is located in a predominantly residential area where remote work is commonplace, the project also had to consider the proximity of a hotel, requiring significant measures to limit nuisance to the neighbourhood.  Monitoring noise and dust emissions, managing traffic-related nuisances… the site was organised to reduce them as much as possible.

The renovation and elevation work will be completed in July 2024, after 14 months of work.

Sébastien Launay


Sébastien Launay

Group sales director

Paref Renovation Paris Ga