Bureau de demain : quand le Groupe GA "Hack The Workspace" : coworking, nomadisme, modularité… Et vous, comment imaginez-vous votre espace de travail en 2040 ?

The office of tomorrow: the GA Group Hacks the Workspace


At the GA Group, our work is not limited to producing square metres and finding technical solutions for building efficient offices. These offices must also be as comfortable and pleasant as possible for our clients. Our lifestyles and working methods are undergoing transformations. Connectivity, coworking, nomadism, modularity and other new developments have a powerful impact on work spaces. How do you imagine your work space in 2040? This was the topic dealt with by the 70 participants at the BarCamp organized by the GA Group and La Mêlée, which was held on 1 June 2016 at La Cantine in Toulouse. Here’s a look in photos and video at a morning overflowing with ideas!

The combination of creativity and group effort to imagine the work space of tomorrow

The first stage of the BarCamp was to closely examine the usages and needs in today’s offices and those of tomorrow. All this information then enabled participants to reflect on solutions for free-flowing pathways and new, tailored services.

With the help of teams from GA and La Mêlée, participants embarked on preparatory work. After brainstorming in teams on the question “What does the work space represent for you?”, the technique of the cathartic tree and the map of the premises enabled them to sort and prioritize all the information and select the first ideas for solutions. Then the participants put themselves in the shoes of several fictional characters that needed convincing. They set out for 2040, as employees, visitors and coworking staff.

The definition of the challenges that need to be taken up at the next Hackathon

On the strength of all this work, participants tackled the heart of the matter: how can we make life at the office delightful while adapting to changing work methods and to the connectivity of individuals, buildings and objects?

After an intense morning’s work, the reflections and pitches contributed by participants made it possible to determine the challenges that will have to be met at the next Hackathon on 22 and 23 June. Each team will be expected to provide concrete responses, whether in the form of concepts, business plans or even prototypes, to the challenge it chose from the list below:

  • How can we be #HappyAtWork?
  • How can comfort and efficiency at work be fostered?
  • How can we optimize our time and increase our productivity?
  • How can we imagine a smart & simple daily routine at the office?
  • How can we make reception an unforgettable experience?

A jury of experts will award a prize to the best proposal for imagining tomorrow’s work space. The jury will be composed of:

  • Sébastien Matty, Chairman of the GA Group
  • Frédéric Celdran, Director, Development and Services Unit, GA Group
  • Alain Maman, IT Director, GA Group
  • Virginie Portes, Partnership Manager, La Mêlée
  • Ghislain Grimm, Director of Innovation, Colliers
  • Philippe Chanez, Innovation and Multichannel Banking Manager, Banque Populaire l’Occitane
  • Gilles Bousquet, Head of the Economy section, La Dépêche du Midi
  • Jérôme Vercaemer, Innovation Manager, Cisco France

Remember the dates : next 22 and 23 June !

Photo credits: Emmanuel Grimault
Sébastien Matty
Chairman of the GA Group

An office must be envisaged as a hotel with 5-star service. You should have no limits, no checks. Give yourself free rein and venture into the wildest challenges. We will be delighted to see them become a reality.

Élodie Le Breton


Élodie Le Breton

Communication, Marketing and Sustainable strategy Director

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