«Hack The Workspace», the GA group launches a hackathon to imagine the office of future

«Hack The Workspace», the GA group launches a hackathon to imagine the office of future

The GA Group is joining forces with La Mêlée to organize a Hackathon and take up a series of challenges on the theme of “the office of the future”. The aim is to come up with solutions that reinvent tomorrow’s work spaces.

“Working methods are changing, and so are the spaces and services that are expected” explains Sébastien Matty, Chairman of the GA Group. “We are convinced that property is a vector of performance for companies. The sector must adapt to the connectivity of people, buildings and objects, reinvent itself, and offer new services.”

To do so, GA has opted for Open Innovation, it is organizing Hack the Workspace, a 48-hour marathon that will be held on 22 and 23 June at La Cantine Toulouse. The event will be attended by about 60 enthusiasts from different fields – including developers, graphic artists, designers, UX experts, integrators and network architects – along with teams from the GA Group. Recruitment of candidates has just been launched.

During the marathon, participants will form teams and pool their skills. They will have 48 hours to analyze the uses and connectivity of GA offices in order to think up, design and develop prototypes of innovative solutions that will eventually feature in the offices constructed by GA.

Among other solutions, attendees will be asked to propose a coherent ecosystem of interfaces and communicating objects that offers the most freely-flowing pathway and the services that are best suited to the needs of users — employees, visitors and co-workers alike.

At the end of the 48-hour Hackathon, the jury will choose the winning projects, which will be incubated by the GA Group with a view to an operational roll-out in the course of the year.  The winners will be able to work in the Agua building, the head offices of the GA Group, and develop their projects there, while receiving financial support and assistance from the GA teams.

“In addition to the winner, we reserve the right to award a ‘jury’s favourite’ prize and even to hire one of the candidates” adds Sébastien Matty.

An ideation stage, in the form of a Barcamp, will take place on Wednesday 1 June at La Cantine Toulouse.

At the conclusion of this phase, participants will be able to form teams to take up the challenges that are identified for the Hackathon.


When: Wednesday 1 June 2016, 9 am to 2 pm
Where: La Cantine Toulouse – 27, rue d’Aubuisson – 31000 Toulouse

Hackathon “Hack The Workspace”

When:  22-23 June 2016
Where: La Cantine Toulouse – 27, rue d’Aubuisson – 31000 Toulouse


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