The GA Group delivers the IX-BLUE laboratories in Besançon

The GA Group delivers the IX-BLUE laboratories in Besançon

IX BLUE, a company specialized in the production of electronic modulators for satellites, will move into new premises designed by the GA Group in late July.

The project was built for AKTYA (the property subsidiary of Greater Besançon) and the SEDD (Community of Communes of Besançon), and is located in the Technopole Microtechnique & Scientifique (TEMIS) in Besançon.

The 2 500 sqm, 2-storey building was designed by the architectural firm CDA Architectes. Its ground floor is dedicated primarily to laboratories, with:

  • a 350 sqm, class 1000 clean room, classified to ISO 6 and 7
  • a 400 sqm production area, classified to ISO 8
  • 32 000 cubic meters per hour flow of delivery air
  • 2 air handling units with a capacity of 18 000 and 7 000 cubic meters per hour respectively
  • The upper level houses IX BLUE offices.


This new construction reflects our philosophy. Our projects are geared to our customers’ performance. Here, we have done our utmost to make this building into a tool that is perfectly adapted to IX BLUE’s needs.

says François Minck, the GA Group’s Assistant Managing Director.

The new building took less than seven months to build thanks to GA’s unique construction method. First it was modelled in 3D, then all the components of the building’s structure and façade were prefabricated in one of GA’s five factories. The modules were then transported to the site in Besançon, where they were assembled.

The building’s thermal performance is provided by optimal insulation – an architectural concrete façade and triple glazing with integrated power-operated blinds – and reversible air handling modules providing the functions of heating, cooling, dual-flow ventilation and free cooling.

The building will be coordinated by the GAPÉO® system (Active Computer-Aided Management of Energy Efficiency) developed by GA. Temperature, light and ventilation will be configured in real time so as to optimize employees’ comfort while minimizing energy consumption.

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