GA has just been named as a winner for having developed the extension of Gustave Roussy, the leading European Centre for the fight against cancer

GA has just been named as a winner for having developed the extension of Gustave Roussy, the leading European Centre for the fight against cancer

By 2020, Gustave Roussy will have a new building of more than 10,000 m² consisting of an outpatients’ centre, a logistics hub and a wellness centre. This project, designed and delivered by the teams of GA Smart Building, is part of a large expansion programme of Gustave Roussy.

The Gustave Roussy extension project aims to strengthen the fight against cancer by improving the quality of the reception and care of patients. It is born of Gustave Roussy’s stated willingness to create a place of excellence centred on the human being, health and well-being. It is part of a programme of overall redevelopment of the Campus Grand Parc district driven by the arrival of the future Greater Paris “Villejuif – Institut Gustave-Roussy” station located at the intersection of metro lines 14 and 15 and close by the Institute.

Imagined by LRT Architectes (specialist in the design of health buildings), and by the Studio Jean-Philippe Nuel (interior designer specialising in hotels), the outpatients centre at Gustave Roussy should very quickly establish itself as a benchmark in the field of health. Designed to be functional and comfortable with the flows redesigned, it will facilitate the care of patients and allow the establishment of high-quality outpatient treatment. This building of more than 10,000 m² will bring together different functions essential to the new Gustave Roussy and will be connected to the historic building. 

Evoking a wave, the horizontality of the façade of the outpatients’ centre will respond to the verticality of the Gustave Roussy building. Its figurehead, the Wellness Centre, a unique and innovative place composed of spaces for relaxation and physical and psycho-physical activities, will offer a genuine stay at the hospital in a humane environment to provide patients and their families with a comforting break. The day hospital which will include up to 150 places will become the most important outpatients’ cancer centre in France. It will accommodate all of Gustave Roussy’s immunotherapy and chemotherapy outpatient treatment. Spread around patios, large bay windows opening onto the gardens will let the natural light penetrate. Finally, the logistics hub will consolidate the Institute’s technical services.


With our partners, we are particularly proud to have imagined and designed this project that meets the expectations of Gustave Roussy. It is an ambitious project which targets a clear objective: do more than treat, take care of patients. This project is in perfect harmony with our commitment to the development of innovative buildings that are centred on users and their well-being. Furthermore, GA Smart Building’s characteristic hors-site industrial approach will allow for rapid execution, with just 12 months of works, all the while limiting constraints and nuisance caused to the activity of the institute to the maximum extent possible.

Kader Guettou, Deputy Managing Director, Enterprise Unit of GA Smart Building


Genuine contribution of Gustave Roussy to Greater Paris, this new complex will be connected to the north-south axis, as far as Orly Airport, by line 14 and east-west by line 15. It responds fully to the will of the Institute, the neuralgic centre of innovation in cancer, to be a major actor of the territorial reshaping in progress. Combining excellence of treatment and the overall care of the patient, this building located in front of the metro station illustrates the future of cancer research of the next 10 years and can come to fruition thanks to strong support from our patrons.

Frédéric Varnier, Deputy Managing Director of Gustave Roussy


Program description

Wellness Centre: 900 m²
Day hospital: 4,600 m²
Logistics and Technical hub: 5,000 m²


Agent/Constructor: GA Smart Building
Architects: TLR Architectes and Studio Jean-Philippe Nuel
Health and real estate experts: CAREIT
Construction economists: AEC Ingénierie
Hospital engineering: Egis Bâtiment

Address: 114 Rue Édouard Vaillant, 94800 Villejuif

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