MOOCBIM: review of the first MOOC on building information modelling


MOOCBIM was launched by GA Smart Building and the Toulouse National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA) with the following objectives: to understand the strategic challenges of building information modelling (BIM) and its digitisation, to increase the skills of property and construction stakeholders in a global approach to the uses of BIM, and to embrace the collaborative culture engendered by it. Feedback on the success of the first 2018 edition.

GA Smart Building and INSA Toulouse joined forces to create a MOOC* (massive open online course) – free online training tool accessible to all – on BIM to help property and construction stakeholders get to grips with the inevitable digital transition in this field, as well as offering a host of other features. The course was open to the general public and included professionals from this sector and others, students and job seekers retraining for new careers.

The results of MOOCBIM

With almost 5000 registrants worldwide, or a quarter of all those enrolled on the Bâtiment Durable MOOC platform which hosts the course, MOOCBIM (French) has established itself as a relevant educational device for helping all stakeholders learn more about BIM, a new, more collaborative and transparent way of working.

MOOCBIM offered learners many different ways of deepening their knowledge of BIM, with two different pathways:

• The “Discovery Pathway”: learners were awarded their own personal pass certificate if more than 80% of questions in all quizzes were answered correctly.

• The “Advanced Pathway”: in addition to the quizzes requiring an 80% pass rate, learners produced a case study assignment marked out of 50 and assessed the assignments of three of their peers for a further 50 marks. To obtain the pass certificate, participants had to achieve the average score for this activity.

A discussion forum for participants was also set up during the course, with more than 1000 messages posted, demonstrating the growth of an active community around MOOCBIM.

Participants in the first MOOCBIM session

On average learners were aged between 25 and 40 (43%), with most being professionals in the construction and property sector (87%). Other profiles also attended the course: students (11%), people looking for work or retraining, teachers and researchers.

Most learners had already participated in at least one MOOC (59%), and came from all over the world, including Morocco, Algeria, Belgium and Switzerland.

Before starting the MOOC, most participants had some knowledge of BIM (61%), the majority, however, assessed their proficiency as relatively weak – 86% considered their skills poor or fair. They were therefore keen to enhance their knowledge and wanted to know how to use the tool effectively on a daily basis.

97% of learners would recommend MOOCBIM

“Thank you to the entire team for a MOOC packed with relevant and useful information, as well as instructive links, videos and testimonials. I found it hugely helpful and learned a lot. Congratulations to your team.” – GuyC

“Hello, thank you very much for setting up this hugely rewarding MOOC. I particularly liked the talks by Nassim Saoud, Bertran Ruiz and Serge K. Levan who emphasised the scope of the things you can do with BIM to digitise the means of production, thus making them efficient and ensuring we are properly prepared for the digital transition.” – Charlotte-Dieng_17

“Thank you for a highly instructive MOOC which was understandable for people like myself with little experience. Congratulations and thank you.” – Baba Ahmed


A second session will be launched on 6 November 2018

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Sébastien Matty
Chairman of GA Smart Building

The digital model is revolutionising the construction industry. Developing a professional culture of collaboration, from building design to operation, that expands far beyond the employees of GA Smart Building, is absolutely essential in our opinion. The highly encouraging results and excellent attendance on our MOOCBIM course strengthen our ambition to evolve our ecosystem and be proactive in the digitisation of our sector by allowing as many people as possible to implement their own digital transformation strategies.

Bertrand Raquet
Director, INSA Toulouse

The initial results are conclusive and clearly reflect the need to train a large community of BIM learners to support the development of construction practices. Professionals, students and the general public, mainly in France but also internationally, can train in this subject thanks to the latest online education tools. Co-construction of the programme by GA Smart Building and INSA has proven hugely successful in developing knowledge of BIM.

The contents of MOOCBIM

View the content of the online training modules(French).

MOOCBIM is produced with the support of the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME) and the Bâtiment Durable MOOC.

* A massive open online course (MOOC) is a free online training tool accessible to all and offers a variety of teaching materials (videos, quizzes, educational activities, discussion forums, etc.)

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