Newskin, a new skin for 115 Arche in Courbevoie (92)

Newskin, a new skin for 115 Arche in Courbevoie (92)

The GA Group has been designated by the property investment fund Fructifonds Immobilier, managed by AEW Europe SGP, for the renovation of “115 Arche” in Coubevoie.

Following an announcement of bidding for a Real Estate Development Contract, this 3,000-sq m property complex was designed in collaboration with Arte Charpentier Architectes and Theop.

The project repositions the buildings to current standards and creates an additional 300 square metres with the construction of a half level on the existing third floor. A 125-sqm terrace will also be created. The project will boast a new architectural envelope made with the NewSkin® process, featuring an active, technological façade incorporating exclusive equipment developed by the GA Group: triple glazing with integrated blinds and an air treatment module.

With NewSkin®, insulation is optimized and office plates provide optimal thermal comfort. Air treatment modules, incorporated into the façade, will be connected to reverse-cycle air production installed in the basement. They will provide heating and air conditioning to the offices as well as air treatment and overnight free cooling.

Integrating air treatment into the façade eliminates placing all the networks in dropped ceilings and thereby maximizes the clear height in the office plates. Workers who occupy these offices will get the most out of the natural daylight and work in generously sized spaces.

“This new skin gives an existing building the environmental performances of a new building” explains Gérard Gensane, Assistant Managing Director of GA Renovation, who has already completed a first NewSkin® operation in Albi for the Banque Populaire Occitane.

To achieve even more environmentally-friendly performance, the equipment will be coordinated by GAPÉO®, the software for monitoring and managing energy consumption developed by the GA Group.

Works will start in the summer of 2016 and will take 12 months. When the building is handed over in July 2017, it will be certified with the labels HQE® Excellent and BREEAM Good. The programme also aims for the Effinergie +-labels.

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