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CES 2016: 5 connected objects to adopt for tomorrow’s office


The Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the largest international trade show dedicated to high-tech, was held in Las Vegas from January 6 to 9, 2016. Visitors discovered connected objects that will simplify the professional life of the future. Our top 5 objects to adopt!

A portable projector for redesigning meeting rooms

Thanks to the new Sony Portable Ultra-Short Throw projector, no longer do you need to reserve a meeting room 10 days ahead of time for the least presentation! With a wide-angle lens that allows it to be placed very close to a screen or simply a wall, it can project an image between 56 and 203 cm across. This tool may be used to project on any surface whatsoever: a wall, a ceiling or a desk. It can turn any free space into a meeting room.

A purifying robot to improve the air quality of workplaces

Are respiratory illnesses at the office soon to be ancient history? This is the ambition of the French company Partnering Robotics, which presented its robot Diya One, the first robotics solution to handle indoor air purification in companies. The cylindrical shaped robot moves around offices with ease, avoiding obstacles by means of a 360° camera and about 20 sensors. If it detects pollution (heating, paint, tobacco, body odours or indoor air deodorizers) it sucks up the “contaminated” air and cleans it at the lightning speed of 75 m3 per hour. Via a dashboard, it returns data on humidity, light or indoor air quality and indicates sensitive places to the person in charge of maintenance. It has a battery life of several dozen hours and maintenance teams should find it useful.

An automatic lock to protect computers

At last, a quick and simple way to protect your computer’s data in a shared working space. With its bluetooth tracker weighing only 13 grams, the French company Gablys has designed a product that allows you to lock or unlock your computer automatically. Compatible with PCs and Macs, the system locks the computer as soon as the user moves away from his or her work station. For added security, if there is an attempted intrusion, it is even possible to find out who tried to access the computer, thanks to the built-in webcam that automatically takes a photo of the intruder.

A futuristic workstation to revolutionize everyday life

Suffer from back problems? What if lying down with a computer over head was the best position in which to work? This is the perspective of Altwork, a Californian company that developed its futuristic workstation. This adjustable workstation is made up of a chair and a table on which it is possible (and recommended) to attach a computer, keyboard and mouse using magnets. Under development since 2011, this new kind of workstation will be available this year. Whether to work seated, standing or lying down — the choice will be yours!

A connected machine to simplify environmentally friendly behaviour

Make room for a new appliance next to your coffee-maker. This connected machine named Canibal  sorts and recycles your waste automatically and efficiently. Cups, cans and plastic bottles, the unavoidable accessories of office life, can now have a second life. In practical terms, the machine compacts and sorts the waste before sending it to recycling channels. Data is sent to an external platform, making it possible to monitor how much is recovered and what becomes of the recycled products in real time.

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