Le système de gestion technique Gapeo, géré depuis l'application MyGapeo, permet de piloter le confort et la performance énergétique d'un bâtiment GA

Effectively manage performance and comfort in all buildings with Gapéo

The Gapéo technical management system controls building comfort, environmental performance and energy use.

Gapéo is a centralised technical management system that controls all installations designed, manufactured and installed by GA from a single access point. The command centre analyses the data recorded by each individual installation and transmits instructions, tailoring each area to each user’s liking and habits in order to provide optimal comfort. Gapéo also enables GA to guarantee its clients a defined level of energy use set forth in a performance contract.

Anticipating users' habits

Gapéo features an artificial intelligence module that analyses all the data transmitted by the technical management system in each building, which compiles temperature and lighting preferences, weather forecasts, and employees’ regular or scheduled absences. After analysing all this data, Gapéo performs the required adjustments to each installation.

MyGapéo connects your office from the ground up

Use the MyGapéo app to remotely manage your office from your computer, tablet or smartphone. Check and control your energy use, with the help of practical advice. Meanwhile, the building manager can use the powerful control software to monitor overall energy use and reduce the building’s energy bill.

Your fully connected office

This new product, which is seamlessly integrated into GA buildings, will enable all users to manage their office from a PC, tablet or smartphone, as well as to check how their energy use compares to the rest of the building. The building manager will be able to monitor overall consumption using the product’s power statistics software, in order to lower the energy bill. 

FullBIM est la maquette numérique 3D BIM du Groupe GA Smartbuilding, qui couvre un projet immobilier de la conception à l'exploitation


FullBIM 3D digital mockup covers the entire project, from design to operation