Activ’ Concept, une solution innovante de GA Smartbuilding
Activ’ Concept

Improve comfort and reduce energy consumption with our innovative solution: Activ' Concept

Activ’ Concept is designed to meet future building energy regulations and reduce energy use.

Activ’ Concept uses thermally active slabs made from precast concrete in which the building's plumbing systems are installed. This proprietary technological innovation was first tested – successfully – on the Agua building, the new GA head office. The system is paired with geothermal heat pumps that draw heating and cooling from the ground and naturally regulate water temperature, taking advantage of the cool ground temperatures midseason. Air handling units are installed as a back-up to ensure air circulation.

A system coupled with air handling units

The GA air handling unit which is built into the façade performs the main air circulation functions autonomously and without any ducts or water systems. If required, this system can provide heating, air conditioning and ventilation, as well as adjust temperatures to meet individual users’ needs. It also ventilates restrooms and provides increased night-time ventilation and free cooling.

A highly efficient technical design

- Thermally active concrete flooring with an integrated water system

- Operates using geothermal and aqua thermal energy or another renewable source

- False ceilings are removed to take advantage of the concrete’s thermal mass

- Reversible heat pump built into the window breast

FullBIM est la maquette numérique 3D BIM du Groupe GA Smartbuilding, qui couvre un projet immobilier de la conception à l'exploitation


FullBIM 3D digital mockup covers the entire project, from design to operation