Rénovez votre bureau professionnel grâce à l'offre de rénovation innovante du Groupe GA

Conferring existing buildings with the energy performance of a new building

Renovate your building by replacing the current façade with a new active envelope featuring exclusive GA installations.

Certified ISO 9001, GA draws on its business lines’ wealth of experience to help you bring your renovation project to life. Renovation offers a means for you to reposition your property upmarket, optimise leasable space and enhance users’ comfort. For projects large and small, GA will provide you with the administrative and financial guidance required to effectively plan your property renovation. The group can also provide you with expertise in the analysis of the technical aspects of your renovation, in order to ensure you choose the innovative, high-performance solutions best suited to your project.

Picto NewSkin


NewSkin is an innovative, flexible, quick solution for building renovation. Give your office buildings a new high-tech envelope. NewSkin replaces old building façades with a new envelope featuring exclusive GA installations: triple-glazed windows with built-in blinds and air handling units. All the building technology is housed in the façade, rendering it active and eliminating the need for false ceilings. Renovated properties are transformed into smart buildings when they are equipped with the Gapéo integrated management system.

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